Monday, December 15, 2008

Isn't It Ironic?

I usually have a hard time being vulnerable with people. I don't like to tell everyone what's going on inside or open up to people. Why have a blog, you ask?
Well, it is ironic I suppose.

One on one, if I feel comfortable with someone, I will pour my heart out; I do wear my emotions on my sleeve so it is not hard to get the feelings's I want to pour my heart out to people who don't really care? Will they shrug me off, tell me I'm too sensitive, tell me I am wallowing? Tell me to get over it?

I'm feeling pretty vulnerable right now. And the urge to share that feeling was too much. ba-haha.

On a serious note, I am sharing (rather compulsively might I add) because I feel like I HAVE to share what's on my heart and what God is doing in my heart. Thanks for listening.

And for a little levity (the compulsion to share is back)...some cute pictures...

This is what happens when you forget to make the bed at our house.

Maggie and me...she doesn't look happy, oh but she is.

Don't say it. I know. Maggie likes hubs better (it's his man-smell).

I couldn't resist. This is hubs in his church's high school band (he's the one at the far left end).

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