Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The first day I knew I was pregnant (with Owen), I skipped to the store during my lunch break and bought a onesie and a plant.
Ok, you got me...but I did buy the onesie. I had it gift wrapped and gave it to hubs the next morning after I hit the jack pot (a positive pregnancy test). Yes, it is a cute idea, isn't it? The onesie was a little yellow thing with 'Homemade' across the front. Har de har har...hubs about fell on the floor...it is a great memory.

So, it was about two weeks later that I went out and bought my first plant. All those pregnancy hormones had done a number on me and needed (I mean, I really needed) a plant to mother. Something to take care of, something that depended on me and only me.
Can you see it up the far left hand corner? My first plant, a peace lily.
By the way, this was our first picture of the three of us (mom, dad and Owen).

As time went on, during my pregnancy with Owen, I acquired more plants. My mom gave me one of hers, my brother rooted his spider plant for me and ta-da, I had three plants. Then later, I found the most adorable little coffee plant that I just had to have.
See way back in the left corner is the cutest little coffee plant.ever.

This is the plant my mom gave me from her own collection (by the way, she has more plants than the Lowe's nursery). It didn't fare too well at my house, what with all the cats chewing on the leaves.
On top of the bookshelf is peace lily and her friend, spider plant.
Notice all the plants live in spots where said cats can't get to them.

Since Owen died, I have collected, been given and acquired more plants than I have 'cat safe' spots for; but it doesn't stop the impulse to buy a plant every time I spot one I just have to have...at the grocery store, Home Depot, Lowe's...just about anywhere that sells plants. I admit it, it is an obsession. Hubs understands/empathizes with my impulse...and I believe (or choose to believe) that he thinks it's a little bit cute.
Look it's coffee plant, who doesn't ever seem to age (or get bigger, whatever the proper plant vernacular is) and her little friends...my newest additions.

A new peace lily, Owen's birthday gardernia and oh, who's that in the corner? It's my mom's plant...oops, sorry mom. I told you, my cats hate plants.

These are my kitchen plants. An orchid, a pegonia, a croton and a plant my cousins sent to Owen's funeral (I'm trying to resucitate it after a nasty run in with a kitten). If you look back in the corner of the dining room, you can spot my very first plant, the peace lily.
This is Maggie, the cat. For some reason, the cats don't bother the big bush in the background. Who knows...maybe it doesn't smell tasty. I'm not sure what kind of plant it is...we call it Owen's bush because we recieved it at Owen's funeral. The plant next to it came from hubs cousin on Owen's first birthday. I don't know what it is either, but the pot is self watering, which is very cool indeed.

Wait, how did this picture get in here?
It's just really cute. Oh, yeah...and there is a plant in the background.

This one...who loves the top of the refrigerator.
And spider plant...it's been through a few kitten attacks, but is recovering well and looks like we'll be having some spider babies soon.

What can I say?
I am a mother and I need to mother.

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Anonymous said...

You're right, you are a mother and always will be.

This might seem strange, coming from a stranger, and in some way I really wish I could know you well enough to email you... but this will have to do.

Almost 4 weeks ago I gave birth to my third baby, who is my second living child. When I left the hospital, my heart literally ached for you and the pain you feel. I pray on such a regular basis that one day you will know the joy of having your children live and thrive with you here on this earth.