Friday, February 6, 2009

The Talented Mr. Hubs

Because I know you care (admit it, I know you do) I thought you might enjoy this little snippet of my hubs' band for a little levity on this beautiful Friday afternoon. This is a benefit concert from last year...and before you say anything, I know it looks like no one was there, but believe me there were a ton of people behind me. No one wanted to stand close to the stage because it was loud, I mean really loud; except for the guy who randomly walks in front of me.
I think he was just there for the BBQ though.

Ah, sweet levity.

Enjoy your weekend!


Anna said...

Awesome! And I can hear people in the background, so I have no doubts that there were others (besides the guy who randomly walks in front of you) :)

Ebe said...

Thanks Anna! I embarrassed my husband by posting this video. oops...
But it was fun to post.

Anna said...

awww... tell him not to be embarrassed it's a cool video!