Saturday, March 21, 2009

An Unexpected Gift

Today hubs and I (I guess I call him by his real name, since he is blogging now) over...

Today Chris and I were out and about in town when we decided to stop for a late lunch at his old workplace (he worked at Chick-fil-a for a few years before we got married). We were ordering when one of his former supervisors came up to say hi. She looked at Chris and asked, "You guys are supposed to have some kids running around by now, right?"

Without missing a beat, Chris replied, "We do, but they're all in Heaven now."

Her face went white and she stammered, "I am so sorry. I...I didn't mean to bring it up."

By now the tears in my eyes were blurring my vision, but I looked at her apologetic face and said, "You don't have to apologize. We love talking about our kids. Thank you for asking about them."

Chris was pulling out his wallet as I spoke and showed her a picture of Owen.
She held the picture as lovingly as she would have held our son.

"Oh, he's so tiny. Look at your thumb on his little face!"

I told her how much he weighed and how small he was when he was born.
I had to tell her again how thankful I was that she asked, because most people don't.

She remarked that her dad was probably in Heaven holding him right now because he passed away last year. We all looked at each other with tears in our eyes and she said, "We'll see them again soon. Hopefully."

Chris replied, "Yes, we will. Hopefully sooner rather than later."

I am quite sure that she still has no idea what an amazing gift she gave us today when she asked about our children...and then didn't turn away from us and our grief.


Ashley said...

Owen is beautiful and he favors his mommy for sure! My little girl just came in asked who is that baby on the computer I told her his name is Owen and he is with Jacobsen and Jesus in heaven...Praise God we will all be together again!!


Devon said...

i've just found your blog and have skimmed through some of your posts.

beautiful. eloquent. real.

thank you! its a blessing...

im so sorry about your sweet owen...he lives in heaven with my precious blake and ethan...


Emily said...

I agree with you- It's it a gift when people don't run away after being told! ... I've had four people ask, and two were great and stayed there and asked more about us and our son, and two freaked out and got away from me as quickly as possible.

And I like your husband's answer.

Mrs. MK said...

I love the story and the new pic on your takes bravery to remember the joy....

Rachel said...

I love it when people ask how old Felicity would be.
And I'm glad to hear that you carry pictures around too.

Zil said...

This is an example of how He is present with us in many different ways. Certainly this was a message from above.