Monday, April 27, 2009

Ah, memories

Did I ever tell you about the time I met Mel Gibson? No? I never mentioned
Oh well, I guess it just slipped my mind.

Or the time when I got to hang out behind the scenes at the filming of a major motion picture?

What about the time my dad arrested Martin Sheen? No? Really, because that one's a really funny story...
(To be fair, Martin Sheen has been arrested A LOT so it's not like 70 or 80 other people haven't arrested him too.)

These random, weird facts about me don't come up much. I like to think of myself as the kind of person who doesn't like to show off...did I just show off a little bit?
Oh well...

When the movie We Were Soliders Once, and Young was filmed where my dad was stationed (Fort Benning, GA), I thought was going to meet all kinds of celebrities and have great stories about hanging with my friends Mel and Kerry, Sam and Madeline.

Insert little snicker here.

I was 18 years old and a freshman in college, so it's understandable that I had a lot of delusions back then.

My dad, being the high ranking officer that he was, got me the 'hook-up' to get behind the scenes. I had my badge and credentials. I had the shooting location and a free pass to rub shoulders with famous people! I was going to get to hang out at the crafts table, behind the scenes!

I got up early, showered, did my hair, put on my make up carefully...and waited.
I paced in my room for probably 2 hours. Why didn't I want to go already?
Shouldn't I be rushing out the door with my camera in hand, ready to fawn over all the celebs?

Later when my dad came home from work, he asked how my day had been.
"Great." I said in my best sullen teenage voice.
"That's good, honey." My dad replied back. "So, you had a good time at the shooting location?"

"I didn't go. I just couldn't make myself after I realized that all I was getting excited about was getting to stand around and watch Mel eat a ham sandwich at the crafts table. I just felt stupid."

He looked at me and blinked his surprise. "I'm proud of you. That was a good decision. It would have been okay if you had gone, but I'm proud that you didn't want to gawk at them while they took breaks in between filming.
They're just people after all."

I floated around on cloud nine the rest of my spring break. My dad was proud of me.

Yes, to answer your questions, I did get to meet Mel and why yes, he is a lot shorter in real life.
He said 'hi' and I blushed bright red.

We were also invited to watch them film the party scene at the General's house. It was fun...if by fun you mean standing around waiting for them yell QUIET, while they set and dressed the scene and then film for all of two minutes before yelling cut again.

That was our small taste of Hollywood. They filmed for about two weeks on location and the rest was filmed at a sound stage in L.A.

Oh, and the story about how and why my dad arrested Martin Sheen? Another story for another time...


Kara said...

Ah, Fort Benning, the memories! I wish Cindy and I had been able to come visit you then! That would have been fun (not that our visit wasn't fun but you know what I mean).

Mrs. MK said...

What a great story! I remember vividly the time my dad told me he was proud of me: age 14. He said that he was proud of how I'd repeated been a peacemaker in a difficult situation....for a hormonal teenager this was praise indeed!

Ebe said...

I know, Kara...but you guys would have gotten me in trouble for sure! Especially Cindy!!
It would have been another story I tell my grandkids- the SECOND time the police sent me home to my dad I was with this friend who just had to assault Mel and Barry!
Just know I miss you guys.

Thanks Mrs. MK. My dad is a great man and I just thought it was so great that he respected my decision like that.