Friday, April 10, 2009

Because of Jesus

He died today. He died but He's no longer dead.

Praise God He's not dead.

I am a mess today. But I am a slobbering mess who knows there is hope because He lives.

I asked everyone after Owen died- what am I supposed to do now? How do you continue living when your child dies?

You keep living because there is hope in the Lord; there is somewhere to go.
We are going to live with our children some day. We won't die- we will just leave this place and gain true life.

When I hear people say that they are blessed to have lived long, healthy lives...I think- no, no you have it backwards. If you are going to talk blessings, then my son, all our children are blessed to have lived short lives here on earth with all the suffering and pain, but they live great, abundant, eternal lives in Heaven.
What magical, perfect lovely lives our babies had! All love and warmth and joy and peace then...Heaven. How wonderful.

I weep for the time we are separated, but I weep with hope that I will live with Owen again.

Praise God. Praise God for His Son and His sacrifice. We will live too.


Devon said...

amen....thats all i can say. my heart is right there with you.

Wendee said...

You always have the right words to say... to remind me to have faith and hope. Thank you.

<3, Wendee

Chris said...

Praise our Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you for willingly laying down your life AND having the power to raise it up again!
I love you Ebe! How precious you and Owen are to Him...and to me.

Mrs. MK said...


Keisha Valentina said...


Anna said...

(((hugs))) Our children are blessed aren't they? To be able to be in Heaven with Jesus, to miss out on all the suffering here on earth. I'm so thankful that because of Jesus we will see our babies again.

Rachel said...

There is power, power, wonder-working power in the precious blood of the Lamb!

How DO people do THIS without the hope of Christ?

Tonya said...


I tried to post last night but my computer was moving so slow. I was going to just write "AMEN". It's the truth. I agree whole-heartedly! 100%

I'm sorry that you're a mess right now. My heart is with you. I agree with Rachel - how do people get through this sort of heartache without Jesus? I'm glad we don't have to know the answer to that...

Don't give up HOPE! Hang in there! Keep your eyes on Him! God bless you!

Love you my friend!

Bethany said...

what beautiful hope.
this earth is not our home.

Emily said...

Ah, the blessings of a short's hard to remember that God chose to bless Desmond instead of blessing me with Desmond.

Thanks for the reminder.

Becky said...

Found your blog and love your transparancy. This walking by Faith stuff is hard, but it helps to know there are lots of us on the journey beside each other.
I have a teenager in Heaven who loves to hold and rock babies!