Monday, April 20, 2009

my day so far

Wake up- 10:30am
Check email/google reader- 10:45
Eat random breakfast items- 11
Shower- 12pm
Leave for doctor's appointment- 12:40
Realize Chris has my driver's license- 12:42
Meet Chris at his work to retrieve driver's license- 12:50
Imitate speed racer on my way to doctor's appointment so as not to be the rude late person- 1pm
Arrive 2 minutes early to appointment- 1:13
Sit in waiting area surrounded by happy pregnant women for eight years- 1:30
Get called back to see the doctor- 1:35
Have best appointment of my life, even considering it was just my annual exam- 2pm
Chat with my favorite doctor (nicknamed Dr. Wonderful) for thirty minutes about my losses, my medical history and his plan for my next pregnancy- 2:30
Leave with samples of prenatal vitamins (even though I'm not pregnant yet) and smile from the calm of my doctor's visit- 2:35
Ignore empty gas tank light and drive straight to Burger King- 2:45
Enjoy guilty pleasure of Whopper Jr., fries and a coke- 3pm

Decide to write really detailed, boring post of my day on blogger because I am bursting with optimism and hope and totally in love with my doctor (platonically, of course) who, by the way, kissed me on my forehead as I was leaving (I think he is just as invested in our having living children as we are)- 3:30

*edited to add: How many times do I have to edit and re-publish this post before I get it right? Grrrr...
Oh well, I'll blame it on my thyroid; decreased mental functioning is a side effect, you know. I'm not kidding, you can google it.


sjefferson said...

Sounds like a good visit. I love my doctor too! I told my husband that and he said, "I don't know how I feel about you loving your OB/GYN...". But one meeting and Curtis loved him too. Last time we were both there, he kissed my forehead too. There's nothing better than having a doctor that is invested and seems to really care!

Sara said...

Ebe, I am so happy you are filled with hope today. I have been a blog stalker for a while:) I have been wanting to comment for a while,but finally decided I needed to.
My husband and I also lost our son Samuel, just last fall. It was one day after my due date and he just stopped moving... it was cord accident. My husband, myself and our other children were devastated. Boy it has been a journey so up and down and full of so much grief, sadness, but also HOPE for the future our God has planned for our family. So I relate to so many of the things you say. I love blogworld, it actually is where I feel normal, with others who can relate.

I can also so relate to what you said about the seminary. I am so excited for you. My husband tossed around the idea for years before we finally took the plunge a few years back. He is in his final year,called a vicarage in the Lutheran church (it is kind of like an internship) and will be a full fledged Pastor this summer. The seminary was one of the best experiences of our lives. I figured we were going just for his education, but it blessed my socks off by all God did for us during that time. So I am excited for this new journey that you 2 are embarking on.

Thank you for always sharing so honestly from your heart. I so related to the post about others validating your son's existance. I have so felt that way. We moved here to OK just 3 months before Samuel was stillborn. It just hadn't allowed for many if any to really get to know me. People avoided me for months because they just didn't know what to do or say. I wanted to just scream... I just had my son, just because he isn't living didn't mean he didn't exist. I love talking about him, he is just as much a part of our family, and just as important as any of our living children.

Ebe, I will be praying for you. I am praying for the Lord to put another sweet precious little miracle in your womb. I am praying for our Lord to sustain you today and each day as you move forward trusting in HIM. Thinking of you and praying for you right now. Thanks for sharing!

Our blog is

Sara said...

By the way sorry for the novel above:) I can get a little long winded:)

Mrs. MK said...

This makes me happy, too!

Rachel said...

Hey Ebe! Glad for a good day and glad Sara introduced herself to you.

Isn't it unbelievable the support via blogging! Sara's been holding me up in prayer a lot lately.

Tonya said...

I loved reading about your day! I'm just SOOO glad you didn't say you ran out of gas! I was so afraid that was coming!

I love my doctor, too! In fact, I don't know what I would have done without his compassion and tears shed with us. Sounds like you're in great hands now, earthly ones at least. We both know you're always in great hands with the Heavenly Father...

Take those prenatals! Praying!


Monika said...


Nice and funny post!!!

P.S. Can I ask you about your last post - about seminary? Is it school or work? I wish you good luck!!!

Ebe said...

Thanks, everyone! = )
And thanks for saying hi Sara. Nice to 'meet' you. I loved reading all about your Samuel. He is so precious and a handsome little boy.

Monika, we are going to seminary for my husband to learn how to become a pastor; to learn how to communicate the Gospel effectively. It's school, about 3-4 years of school.

Keisha Valentina said...


I can't help but be giddy right now with a huge smile on my face for you.

Love and prayers sweet sister.


Monika said...

Ebe, thank you for explanation. I´m from Czech republic (Europe) and english isn´t my native language, so I´wasn´t sure, if I understand correctly :-) So, good luck!!!