Thursday, April 2, 2009

No Winter

Chris and I can get lost pondering the joys and the practical things of Heaven.

I think we did this before Owen died, but now it's much, much different. We love to talk about what it will be like when we finally get there.

Let me say this first: I have no biblical support for any of this post and I don't want to confuse anyone with my ideas of Heaven.
I'm sure that whatever beautiful images we can come up with, the reality will be so much better.

This winter has been so long. I do live in the south, so I apologize if I get on the nerves of those of you who live up north where it's still snowy and cold.
Last winter (Owen had been gone just a few months) flew by. I just don't remember much of it. I don't remember if it was a cold winter or a short winter. It is a blur of sadness. That's all I really recall.

This winter, however, has dragged by. I have been waiting and hoping and praying for spring.

One day, just after our big snow, Chris and I were driving to church and we had another one of our conversations.

This winter has had me longing for spring. The death and decay, the destruction that winter brings-
winter is the season of death. The grass, trees, flowers, everything dies in winter. It is a miserable season, in my opinion. A necessary one, yes; but still miserable.

And then spring comes with regeneration and new life.

Could it be eternally spring in Heaven?

All things continually in bloom...

And He is the light.


Jennifer said...

Amen! Jesus is the light and He is making all things new for us! I long for heaven, too.

Praying for you,

Rachel said...

If there's a constant season in Heaven, it would definitely have to be spring - it's the season of new life, right?

I'm reading a heavy read - Heaven by Randy Alcorn, if you're looking for a good book about Heaven.

Chris said...

Amen Sweet Babe!!-

"And the city has no need of sun or moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light, and its lamp is the Lamb."
-Revelation 21:23

Can't Wait!!