Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our Life in Pictures- sort of

Just a typical day- pretend to be a model in the front yard as cars drive by, people staring? Check.

Force husband to do the same? Check. Make fun of Chris' hair-do? Check.

Play with kitten? Double check. Make delicious dinner? Um, check.

Daydream? Check.

Play with husband at Botanical Gardens? Check and check.

Pretend to be professional photographer? Check. Wander around downtown during street fairs? Check-a-roony.
Lots of pretending going on.

Just an excuse for some levity after a weighty post and to show off my cute kitten, I mean husband.


Jennifer said...

Very cute! I'm glad to see you both had a fun day.

Tonya said...

LOVE the pictures!!! Thanks for sharing! Enjoyed the afternoon with you! BTW, I don't think my hubby is too happy about my purchase....