Friday, April 24, 2009

Sufficient Grace

I don't like to censor, but I knew I needed to delete that last post.

I would never want someone to come across what I wrote and think I was talking about them. The blogging world gets smaller every day and maybe one day, this woman might stumble across my blog and there is all her dirty laundry displayed for all to see in my self righteous criticism.

I should have commented on her blog (after calming down, of course) instead of writing an angry diatribe about her.

His grace is sufficient. For me. For her. For you.

We won't ever sin big enough to cause God to throw up His hands and walk away.

Though I may be reactive and mean spirited, God is not.

You all are so encouraging and kind, thanks for all the support. Love you all!


Mrs. MK said...

I read your previous post on my rss feed....and let me just say it was a wake up call to me! How often do I inwardly and outwardly complain about the hard work and constant effort that raising three boys is? I repent!

I am humbled and reminded. You are gracious even when on your high horse, Ebe!

Sarah said...

I read the last post (via rss feed) and will say this: I think all parents of living children can boarder on that selfish line. It's awful but true. My daughter just turned 17 months yesterday and I will admit there are days that I want to do ANY thing but be her mom. It's not because I don't love her dearly and thank God for her daily, but because sometimes it gets tough. Dying to self and constantly caring for someone else above yourself. However, on the flip side I know that those days are rare and really it's not my heart. My heart and life is with her, as her mom, forever. For myself personally, I didn't transition into motherhood smoothly. Julia wasn't what I expected (colicky, bad sleeper, breast feeding was a nightmare, been dealing with attachment issues since she was 6 months old, etc). But, thanks to the grace of God I knew that she was blessed. Having lost my first baby to a miscarriage, I knew that Julia was a true gift from God. And I can't complain about such a wonderful gift. But sometimes I do grumble. I do complain. But each time the Holy Spirit reminds me of what my life could be and I'd rather take 4:30 am wake up calls till Julia is 18 if it means I can be with her. In the end, I suppose I just wanted to say, yes, parents of living children can miss the big picture, can be so selfish that we forget what we're doing, who we're doing it for, but in all things God gives grace, even to those of us who don't deserve it.

paige said...

Nope - i didn't comment on your last post, but i agreed with you. i wish that children in our society were welcomed with gratitude - but that's just not the case & it's something worth speaking out about. - obviously with *grace* and *love* - but... man... what beautiful, sweet blessings they are...
i learned too - to be grateful for the 2 that i don't get to raise here too... i'm so grateful for the months i carried them - for the way they brought joy & the reality of *heaven* & *God's Goodness* home to me.
i'm new-er to reading your blog - but you have such a sweet way about you. What a gift you have given - sharing about your most precious joy and sorrow.

Casey Chappell said...

you chose grace! Even in the choosing there is struggle and grace needing in actually showing grace to others. I'm enjoying hearing your heart on here and seeing you struggle and fight for joy and grace and trust! I am fighting too. don't win somedays but thank God for the cross.

I quoted you on my blog. I just thought today how I might have asked you first so I'm sorry that I didn't. But I think you highlight God's sufficientcy wonderfully. Thank you!!

A sister in suffering,