Friday, May 1, 2009

During my 'breaking'

Yes, I know. I am supposed to be on a blogging break. I am still 'breaking', but I wanted to begin my break with this 'good word' from a man named Horatius Bonar and his book God's Way of Peace: A Book for the Anxious:

If you understand the gospel, the consciousness of your total helplessness would just be the discovery that you are the very sinner to whom the great salvation is sent; that your inability was all foreseen and provided for, and that you are in the very position which needs, which calls for, and shall receive, the aid of the Almighty Spirit.

Till you free yourself in this extremity of weakness, you are not in a condition (if I may say so) to receive the heavenly help. Your idea of remaining ability is the very thing that repels the help of the Spirit, just as any idea of remaining goodness thrusts away the propitiation of the Saviour. It is your not seeing that you have no strength that is keeping you from believing. So long as you think you have some strength in doing something, - and specially in performing to your own and Satan's satisfaction, that great act or exercise of soul called "faith." But when you find out that you have no strength left, you will, in blessed despair, cease to work, - and (ere you are aware) - believe! For, if believing be not a ceasing to work, it is at least the necessary and immediate result of it. You expended your little stock of imagined strength in holding fast the ropes of self- righteousness, but now, when the conviction of having no strength at all is forced upon you, you drop into the arms of Jesus. But this you will never do, so long as you fancy that you have strength to believe. (emphasis mine)

I hope this encourages you to set it all down at his feet, crawl into his lap and rest.

*I'll miss you all too!*

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sjefferson said...

I love this post!

I know our Heavenly Father is being blessed that you are consciously seeking Him out during this time. Just like in Jeremiah, "when you seek with all your heart, I will be found by You and bring you back from the place where I have banashed you." So often we sit idle in dispair and anxiousness -- rather than seeking to know the only One capable of saving us from ourselves and the schemes of Satan.

Praying hard for you, sweet friend, that the God of ALL comfort would reveal more of Himself to you this day!