Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A wedding, the beach and a whole lotta pictures

This past weekend, Chris and I traveled down to St. Petersburg, FL for a friend's wedding. His good friend/former roommate asked him to provide the music for the wedding, so how could we resist?
The wedding was beautiful and the reception was full of lively dancing and crazy antics. Chris' friend, M, and his (new) wife live in NYC, but decided to have a destination wedding at the beach. M is an aspiring film maker/screen writer, whose films have been nominated in several film festivals here in Georgia and California (Chris has written the music for some of his films too).

I don't know about you, but I get kind of nervous before big trips. I guess I am a little bit, okay, I am a grandma of sorts. I don't know if it's one big thing or just a bunch of little things that get me all nervous about leaving town and traveling long distances to a place we've never been.
Once we got there, however, I had a good time. The beach was beautiful and St. Pete's was really nice.

I was so hopeful that a vacation and some time away from the routine of home would be good for us, but as I should have known, grief doesn't take vacations.

We weren't really familiar with most of the people who were in the wedding (all of the bride's side, I guess), so I knew that I would get overwhelmed pretty easily during the rehearsal dinner. It doesn't take much to make me feel overstimulated and overwhelmed nowadays, add to that a room full of people I didn't know.
Chris is such an outgoing person and sometimes doesn't understand why I can't be as social as he is. We had some miscommunication that made us both feel pretty grumpy, and then it was time for the slideshow of the bride and groom....
you know, the one with all the baby pictures and sappy music....

I couldn't help it. My eyes wandered over to the groom's mom- and the look on her face. It was just...indescribable. I almost lost it, but knew that the room full of people would not understand my sobs or mad dash to the hallway, so I held it in for the sake of the bride and groom. This was their night, after all.

Chris and I left right after the slideshow and walked back to the hotel.
It's not like I've never thought about this aspect of Owen's life that I was missing...but maybe a part of me just didn't let it in until I saw M's baby pictures flash across the screen and the look on his mom's face as she watched her little boy's life roll by year after year. All those memories. All those years they spent together. And now he's married. Her little boy.

I had a good cry Saturday night and when Sunday morning rolled around, it was time to make some sweet memories with my husband.

Joy alongside sorrow...sometimes I just don't understand how it's possible.

I've already forgotton what beach this is- but it was really pretty. Expect for the stingrays- they were pretty scary. The guy in the water next to us got stung by one on the top of his foot. Ouch.

The reception was beautiful. I must say, the bride had excellent taste.

This was right outside the reception, on the terrace over looking the bay. All those lights are huge, gorgeous yachts.

These are some good friends from Chris' high school days, and college too. We carpooled down to FL with the couple (the ones I'm standing between) and had such a good time.

Don't you love his pink tie? Yep, me too!

We got up the day after the wedding and explored some more of St Pete's before taking off for GA.

Chris wanted me to take a picture of all the pelicans on the tiers, but you can't really see them; but trust me, they were there.

You can't tell in this picture, but Chris did not remember to put sunscreen on his feet the day before. Needless to say, he didn't have that much fun walking around.

I wish you could see them better, but this is a flock, um, a gaggle, no....a gang (?) of stingrays. They were beautiful, flying together on the top of the water.

This tree was amazing! I think it was okay that we climbed it...

Another gorgeous tree.

And yes, my husband may very well not speak to me tonight when he sees that I uploaded this video without his permission...but it was just too funny to resist and it highlights his crazy/weird/adorable personality that I love so much. I also zoomed in on the bride and groom dancing the night away. They really are as cute as they seem.


Rachel said...

Despite all the chaotic emotions, you looked GREAT!

Tonya said...

Fun video! Great pictures! My fave is the one of the two of you outside the reception in the dark with the huge yachts behind you :-) Love that outfit you're wearing!

I'm sorry you couldn't have a "break" from the grief, but it does just hang around and makes its way into everything we do! I'm glad you were able to make the best of the trip, though, and make some great memories with your sweet hubby!

Love you!

Amy said...

Looks like a good time despite grief tagging along. I grew up near St.Pete and have spent many a summer day on those beaches. I love the gulf in the summer! Good to see you smiling under the sun!

Sara said...

It looks like you saw some beautiful things while you were away. I loved seeing bit of what your husband is like... Funny, that made me smile and brought me right back to high school. How nice that T remembered your precious Owen... doesn't that just warm your heart. I just had a friend say she missed Samuel's presence in all of our lives... it just felt so good to hear someone else misses him too. Praying for you!

Ebe said...

Thanks, everyone. We did have a good time.
It really does boggle the mind that you can have both joy and sorrow together, sometimes in the same moment.

keishavalentina said...

You are absolutely beautiful my friend! That black and white dress looked absolutely stunning on you!

Thank you for sharing your heart, your life...

Love, Keisha

Malou's Mama said...

Great pictures!
Just wanted to say how much I understand this feeling:
"It doesn't take much to make me feel overstimulated and overwhelmed nowadays" - glad to hear I am not alone.