Tuesday, June 9, 2009

7 Things...

...from my week:

1. Cherry Coke and an internet connection are two of my favorite things. I can get through almost any afternoon with a C.C. and wifi.

2. Moving is fun!

3. Lying about how 'moving is fun' is freakin' hilarious!!

4. Nosy upstairs neighbors who stomp around at 4am and vacuum at 8am are my favorite kinds of people.

5. Spending several hours daydreaming about a massive get together for the wonderful women of blog-world is making me wonder if it's a possibility.

6. ...how big is the U.S. anyways...

7. Living across the street from an ice cream parlor is dangerous.
Dangerous, yes; but delightful.

I commented on the last post as well, but wanted to make sure you all know how truly wonderful you are. I don't know what this road would be like without all of you. I love you.


Emily said...

I often think about having "meet me in st. louis" type conference or gathering for those who've lost babies to just meet and hug!
And I often think about starting a support group in my city (Chicago) since I couldn't find a single one to attend.
My counselor has said that grief heals best in and through community (religious or not).

Rachel said...

Love #5 and I'm quite partial to cherry coke too!

Rebecca said...

See. Now that girls night on your couch with the ice cream will be a whole lot easier with the parlor right across the street :>)

Ebe said...

Ah...guys...let's do it!

You're right Rebecca- we've got the ice cream covered!

Ebe said...

Oh, Emily, I meant to say that I think starting a support group in Chicago is an excellent idea. I think about doing the same thing here. The closest one is over an hour away. Not really too far, but inconvenient.
I hope you do...

Community is an incredible thing, don't you think?

Kara said...

Since this is the latest post, I'll wish you a happy birthday here. Happy Birthday, my dear! Hope your first day of summer (and 27th year!) is sunnier than mine. Miss you! Love ya!