Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Are you pregnant?"

asked the girl behind the counter.

"Um, not that I know of...I don't know...why do you ask?" The words came out in a rush.

"Oh, sorry. Well, you were rubbing your belly. I just wondered." she replied, not looking nearly as embarrassed as I would have been had our roles been reversed.

"I was? Oh, well, I was pregnant. I guess it's just a habit." I smiled back.

We left the register and walked over to get our drinks. Chris looked at me and half smiled-half frowned. "I'm so sorry." He mouthed.

"No, it's fine, really." I replied. "Maybe it's a good sign."

And really, I am fine. I don't really believe in signs. But, hey. Maybe it is a good sign.


Rebecca said...

I have the same habit!! Guess that's just what happens after months of enjoying kicks & tumbles. Don't know whether this deserves a happy face or a sad face. How about just a {{hug}}.

Anna said...

I don't really believe in signs either... but I'm hoping regardless... Hugs.


Tonya said...

Maybe? Hopefully! (((HUGS)))


sjefferson said...

Don't do the signs thing either, but here's to hoping it is! And shame, shame, shame on that girl. Who would ask someone as thin as you that?!?

By the way, the Lord has brought you to mind a lot recently. Two things I've prayed specifically, that your security would be found in Him. And that you would feel His pressence and that in Your hardest days He would show Himself. I find myself almost pleading that, "Lord, I have to see You in this moment, day, etc." I'm believing that He is answering those requests even now!


Ebe said...

You guys are so sweet. You know I will let you all know as soon as possible if it was indeed a 'sign'. ;)

Rebecca, I think rubbing and touching our bellies is like a close connection we feel to our babies. I love remembering Owen's kicks and rolls. I know you do to for sweet Olivia.

Sarah, thank you so much. I have really felt those prayers. I get so overwhelmed sometimes by the stupid little things that just build and build until it feels like everything is going wrong. And it adds to my fears that God really doesn't like me very much.
I know it can sound silly, but it is just the cry of my heart to be loved by him. And I am! ugh.
It's hard to see that when circumstances suck, you know?
Anyways, thanks for praying.

love you all,