Saturday, July 4, 2009


Sweet Sunshine,

Today you were due to be born. My little firecracker baby. I had a feeling you were a girl....but I also had that same feeling about your big brother, Owen. I think, no matter your gender, your name should stay Sunshine.
Sweet precious Sunshine, you shined so much brightness into our sad, dark days. We loved having you here with us to celebrate Owen's 1st birthday. What a special gift you are.

I can't wait to hold you in my arms. I know it will be like we never parted.
All the years between your death and ours, it won't matter then. All the memories and things we missed out on- I know they won't matter either.
I can't help to dwell on them now though.

I miss you.

I wanted you. so much.

You were so so loved the 6 weeks and 4 days we had you here. You are so loved now too. Rest in His arms tonight...

We will always count you as one of our children.
You will always count.

I love you, precious child. I love you so much.
Your Mommy


Rachel said...

Ebe -
I was lying in bed last night thinking and praying for you, not knowing today is Sunshine's due date. I'm so sorry! I was thinking about Sunshine and Chipmunk and thinking they were a girl and boy respectively. My heart aches for you, Ebe. Please know that I continue to pray daily that as you delight yourself in the Lord, He will give you the desires of your heart. Longing with you, for the day when all things will be made right!

Anna said...


Thinking of you and your babies today. Sending lots of hugs and prayers for a gentle day.

Love you,

Sara said...

Oh Ebe,
My heart is sad with you. Your love for your children is so evident, your mommy heart shines through:) Thinking of you and praying for our Lord to sustain you and hold you tight!
Hugs and prayers from OK.

Tonya said...


I've thought about you all day. Thought about texting you. I'm so glad to see a post from you. Praying for you my friend. Wishing Sunshine was here for us to love on...until that blessed day when we all meet in heaven, we will love him/her forever in our hearts!


Trennia said...

I'm sorry for your loss I was blog hopping and found your site.I'm sorry you have to walk this road...I to am walking it.Praying for you..

Mrs. MK said...

Much love and prayers, Ebe!

Chris said...

Sweet Firecracker Baby. Sunshine will ALWAYS count! I love you, Ebe, and our Sunshine.

paige said...

Gratitude is a huge thing... that's one thing i learned from my little babies who went home early... Seeing that their little lives - though short - were such a gift. This post so beautifully captures that...

Zil said...

Big hugs to you - Thinking of your angels and how they're watching over their loving mom and dad.

Ebe said...

Thank you so much, everyone. It is a blessing to know you all.


Laurie said...

Of course, she counts.

Happy Birthday, S.