Friday, August 21, 2009

My day so far

11:30am- kitten uses my stomach as a sleeping bag, roll over in bed and decide I've slept long enough
12- *yawn*...that's what I get for taking a Tylenol pm...
12:30pm- make lunch for hubby and breakfast for myself
1- take long awaited shower while listening to Michael belt out 'When a man loves a woman' on my favorite cheesy FM station
1:30- dance around the house in my PJs (need to do this more often)- the cats stare unashamedly
2- throw in a load of laundry
2:30- call a friend and chat for a bit about getting together to make a rag quilt next week
3- collapse on the couch and watch 3 episodes of a very '90s' Irish television show
5:30- hubby comes home from work
6- dinner out!! Chick-fil-a is calling...
7- take the scooter out for a ride around town
7:30- stop by the library to get some books and check my email
7:45- speed write a post about my very boring day and wonder if anyone else's day was as exciting as mine
7:50- contemplate if anyone will ever come to my blog again after they read this post...


Chris said...

I am sitting right next to you as I write. I guess I better...(*this comment is in reference to "7:50").

Tonya said...

I will most certainly be back! My day was not nearly as much fun as yours. I'll spare you the minute by minute details, but let's just say that it started at 4:45 and is still going strong at 9:15! Got the kids to school both by 7:20, made a trip to work, Walmart, the hospital for a meeting, car pool line, quick house cleaning, softball practice, grocery store, made dinner and finally at the computer checking up on my friends. Whew! Looking forward to a more relaxing Saturday...I hope!

Love you!

Rachel said...

Fun to get a glimpse into one of your days! I didn't know you had cats/kittens and that you don't have internet at home! Or that you own a scooter!

Thanks for the prayers, sending some up for you guys too!

Sara said...

You make me laugh... and that feels so good. Really, you are so witty. I love it. I can just picture you dancing in your jammies... so fun.

I continue to pray for you that the Lord will bless that womb of yours with another little one. I know just what you say about it being easier to be hopeful for someone else... I can be a bit of a pessimist too. But I just have to believe he will use this rough journey for both of us... to bring Him glory and that it will be good in the end. Thinking of you and praying for you Ebe. You are a beautiful lady inside and out:)
How are the seminary plans coming? Is that still the plan?

Rebecca said...

I think the PJ dancing might do me some good too.

Yep. I'm gonna keep reading. You haven't deterred me yet.

I took Tylenol PM on Thursday night too & also went to the library yesterday! No scooter though :>)

Traci said...

Hey, your day sounded better than mine! Love you sweetie!