Wednesday, September 23, 2009

some things

This whole not posting very often thing is hard. There's so much to say, so many things going on- it's hard to concisely update on our life, as well as write about what we're feeling and thinking when you don't post but every 2 weeks or so. 

Instead of 7 things, here are some things:

43 days until the second anniversary of Owen's Heaven day
46 days until his second birthday

Chris was accepted into Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia and Redeemer Seminary in Dallas, TX
The plan is to attend school next fall
Where? Undecided at the moment and we'd appreciate your prayers

Currently watching a man take professional pictures of a cappuccino and some cakes...weird
Grateful for the cessation of rain, enjoying a sunny fall day
Feeling tired and moody
Wondering when I will be able to hear about other women's pregnancies and not feel jealous, bitter, afraid, lonely and sad
Whining/wondering/struggling not to think that it feels like I will always be the one whose baby dies

I held a baby boy yesterday
The first boy since I held my precious Owen's limp body in my arms and kissed his soft cheeks
This little boy kept picking his head up off my shoulder and slamming his forehead into collarbone- my first thought- I've got to gain some weight, I am way too bony
I loved feeling his soft skin on my face and watching him look up at me wondering who in the heck I was
I had been wanting to hold him for a few weeks- he's the same age my Sunshine would have been

I'm really, really afraid to get the flu
I mean, seriously, I'm on the verge of investing in face masks and getting a plastic bubble

We have finally, yes finally, found all the sources of cigarette smoke smell coming from our kitchen and I am super excited to say that we are smoke free and loving it 
After almost four months of running around smelling different potential origins of smoke smell, it is nice to walk into the kitchen for the simple reason of getting something to eat

I'm not ready to tell

oops, I think I just did.


Greta said...

Not ready to tell...what?
Are you pregnant?!

Tonya said...

So good to "hear" from you even though I just saw you! Hugs and prayers coming your way EVERY day!


Rebecca said...

Oh, yes you DID!!


Oh, fervently praying for you. Amen & AMEN!!

I went to a baby shower over the weekend and as everyone was having a grand ole time, all I could think about was how terrible it would be to have all that celebrating and then not bring a baby home in the end. Thankfully no one could read my thoughts :>)

Rachel said...

If you said what I think you said, I am praying even more now!

Sara said...

I have missed hearing from you. If you are saying what I think you might be I will be praying like crazy:) That would be wonderful! I am happy to hear about the seminary, I was wondering how taht was going. Yeah, that will be a big move, pretty exciting. Thinking about you right now friend.

Traci said...

Are you?! I'm praying! I've already told Cris congrats on getting in...but didn't realize Dallas was in the mix. I'll pray for wisdom in choosing!! Love you so very very much!

Dana said...

Yeah you did!! I'll be saying an extra prayer for you!

Emily said...

Oh! yea! Congratulations on this new little life, and I hope and pray that you will get to raise this child and enjoy him or her as you grow old!

Anonymous said...


I am freaking OUT!!!

I hope I'm freaking out about the right thing.

And now I will excitedly pray...