Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Heavenly Father,

I admit it, sometimes I listen to what the devil whispers and wonder if maybe he has a point. Sometimes I can't even tell it's him. But, Father, thank you for the Spirit. I repent of my sin.

When I start to listen and doubt and think differently of you than I should, the Spirit and your Word intercede and I see that all he wants me to believe about you is really who he is. He is the coward, the thief, the liar, the one who wants to see me hurt and lost.

You are the only one who can be trusted; when every man be found a liar, you would still be true (Romans 3: 4).
We praise your holy Name, and wait for your return.


My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior. Luke 1: 46-47


sjefferson said...

Praise the Lord, He didn't leave us here alone but with His Spirit! I am right there with you and praying the Holy Spirit will continue to speak truth over you and this sweet, active baby!

Teresa said...

I just wanted to say congratulations on the little blessing in your womb! I think of you and your husband often and when Miranda told me you were expecting, I was so happy to hear it! I hope that if you decide to join us again at St. Mary's for the birth of this sweet baby, I look forward to seeing you and meeting your little bundle. Keep in touch, okay?


Sara said...

Ebe, beautiful belly pictures... so thankful you are feeling such joy over the movement of this precious little one. I am so excited for you. Somehow I missed the last couple of posts... been crazy here.

Great little post... isn't so easy to be deceived by the evil one. Praying for the Lord's voice, presence, leading to be felt loud and clear... and to drown out all the other things we hear. Praying for you.