Saturday, December 26, 2009

If you guessed...

GIRL   then you're right!

We have a boy and a girl, and two little peanuts called Chipmunk and Sunshine. Praise God.

You all knew that I had a 'feeling' that she's a girl all along, but I was wrong with Owen, so I was trying to keep an open mind (if Chris is reading this then he's calling BS on me).

When we got to the room the ultrasound tech said that since I was 17 weeks 4 days, we couldn't be positive that we'd see the money shot very clearly. At that point I was just so anxious to see all the baby's organs and measurements that I didn't care about the gender. Once we got the doppler on my belly, there she was in all her glory. Even with my untrained eye I could tell she was a girl. The tech asked again if we wanted to know and I said, 'Well, I think I see a girl.' She replied, 'Yes, that is definitely a girl.'
I mean, I won't get graphic, but the difference between boy and girl was pretty obvious (I know, that was a definite 'duh' statement). I remember seeing Owen's little boy parts and, that is a boy!

And for her name...

Hannah Mae

Isn't it beautiful?

Hannah has been our number one choice since I found out I was pregnant. The morning I took my first pregnancy test (at 5:45am), I stayed up and read my Bible for a bit. I knew exactly what I wanted to read. 1 Samuel 1-2
The story of Hannah and Samuel. Hannah prayed for years to conceive a child and in her old age, she was given Samuel. What a beautifully redemptive story of faith, hope and preserving, knowing that God does care about us and love us despite what our circumstances look like. Hannah is Hebrew for God's grace. I've also seen God's favor as the meaning too.
What could be more wonderful?

And now for some pictures!
This was taken in the waiting room, trying not to pass out before the appointment.
I just have to laugh at myself in this picture. Can't you just feel the tension in my face?

Last year was the first year we sent out cards as a family and we loved doing it, so we decided to send out cards again this year with a picture. The brown teddy bear I'm holding is Owen's teddy, the one we received from the hospital on the day I was discharged . We included him in the picture last year and this year he's holding an ultrasound of little sister, Hannah. I'm also wearing a pink scarf in honor of the little girl growing in my womb. The scarf was also the clue in telling family that we found out she's a girl.
Oh, and I know...Maggie the cat does not look happy. Trust me, she looks like this the majority of the time.

I hope everyone had a beautiful day yesterday. Merry Christmas!


Freya said...

Yay, Ebe! That is wonderful, I'm super glad for you!

PRAISE be to Him for His faithfulness to you and your newly expanding family in all of this.

Super excellent =) =).


Freya said...

P.S. Lovely name, too.

Ashley said...

Yay! I had a feeling Hannah Mae was a little girl too!!! So excited for you both. Thinking of Owen and wishing he were here to join in the excitement of his little sister!

Love and hugs,

Rachel said...

Beautiful name for what is surely a beautiful girl! Loved that you used "Mae"

Blessed to be able to pray for Hannah by name!

Keisha Valentina said...

Oh man! I switched my vote at the last minute!! I knew that your mother's intuition would win...!

Ebe, I am so happy for you and Chris.


Wish I could reach over this online world and give you both a big hug.

I am continuing to lift sweet Hannah Mae up in prayer. Not much further to go my dear, not much further to go!

Love you dearly.

Rebecca said...

Yippee! I guessed 'girl' too. I love the name you chose. It just sounds soo....girly, delicate, gentle. Congrats on all the pink stuff to come!

Mrs. MK said...

Congratulations, Ebe! Your family shot it awesome!! I just can't get enough of the smile on your face! Praise God!

I love the name, too! My grandmothers middle name was Mae, and I think it's pure sweetness!

Anna said...

Congrats Ebe! I'm so excited for you! Hannah Mae is a beautiful name. I love the family pic!

Love & Prayers,


Sarah said...

Yeah! I was just thinking about you and wondering if Baby May was a girl (had a thought she was). And the name? LOVE IT! Hannah is one of my absolute favorite people from the Bible. And Mae? Completely adorable. And very Southern.

Amy said...

Yay! The family picture is precious.

Katie said...

Ohmigoodness how wonderful! Love that Jesus storybook bible too, just saw it the other day. The Christmas photo is beautiful too! Praise God!