Sunday, January 3, 2010

There is so much I could say

but all it really boils down to is that God covers us. He loves us.

I didn't really know what this could look like before Owen died, but now my cup runneth over.

I don't want to be cryptic; there's a back story to this, so I promise it makes sense and is not random at all...I'm just not going to post the whole story here. I know, me too. I hate it when people do that, but I promise it will make sense.

I prayed as we walked through the doors, 'Please God, please cover us. Please protect and comfort us. I trust you.'

Walking down an unfamiliar hallway, in a place we had never seen before, unsure of what life would be like when we walked out hands shaking and with tears brimming my eyes, I met her. And she knew me. My heart skipped a beat and I felt such a peace that it was God. It was him who was orchestrating my story after all. It wasn't fear that had brought us here. Not random circumstances. Not even me and my worry, but God. I feel certain that he brought us there to remind us of his all encompassing power and love, of his good and loving sovereignty.

He has already written my story. He has perfectly intertwined Hannah's story into mine and she is safe with him. I don't have to worry about all the things that daily (hourly) take my attention. She is safe with him. I am safe too.

I hope this brings you as much peace as it brought my heart. And though I know that I will struggle to live in this true reality, I know that he is gentle to remind me when I forget.

Even though she told me not to, I have to say thank you to P., who is such a blessing to my heart. You will never know how much you touched us yesterday.

eta: Chris told me that I maybe should clarify this post with the information that we are all okay. Hannah Mae is doing really well. We all are.
I didn't want to worry anyone with the cryptic-ness of this post, but sometimes less is more.


Sara said...

Ebe...ok I do want to know more... call me nosey, I don't know:) So glad you are feeling the Lord's strong presence in your life... I know He is always there, but I know you understand there are times it just doesn't feel like it. That is why we can't always rely on feelings right, only on the truth:) Truly I am praising God with you that you know your sweet Hannah is safe with HIM<><

I may try to get down to Fl. in Feb. It really does look like it will happen. We would try to stop by Tonya's house... would love to see you too:)

Praying for you sweet friend. Keep resting in HIM... He cares deeply for you, and that sweet babe with in you:)

Ashley said...

SO glad you clarified that you all are OK!!! I did not want to pry but I was really worried.


Tonya said...

Love this post. So true. But I do want to know more.... And, I LOVE the new picture of you, Chris and Hannah!!!

Love you!