Monday, March 29, 2010

How has it been three years?

Three years since the morning I joyfully tiptoed into the bathroom to take the test that would surely change our lives forever.

Precious Owen, my firstborn child, I love you so much.
I think about you and miss you tremendously every day. I wonder about the color of your eyes, the personality you'd have as a two year old- all the things that we've missed out on. The hole you've left is filled with the hope we have at seeing you again and living you with in Glory.
It still aches though...

As we wait these last few weeks before your little sister's birth, I can't help but wonder what you'd be thinking about your sister and how you'd feel about sharing your mommy and daddy with her. I think you two would either get along famously or you would be way too similar and you'd get on each other's last nerve. She's just as rambunctious as you were and she might just be more stubborn than you!

It's hard to believe that you've been a part of our lives for three years. It seems so long ago that we discovered you were growing in my womb.  I can't really remember what life was like before you.
You will always be a part of our lives. Always special, always important, always valued and loved.

You could never be replaced. You will never be forgotten and you will never be less than. 

love you forever,


Jennifer said...

You made me tear up. Owen will always be remembered and Hannah Mae has an incredible big brother. BTW, thank you for your prayers last week and encouragement. Are you on facebook? If so, you can find me at Jennifer Thompson Evans. Always praying for you, Chris and Hannah.


Sara said...

Made me tear up too Ebe... Oh how I miss our boys... so deeply. Ebe, you are covered in prayer these last few weeks. I can not wait to see a picture of that precious girl... Sending hugs and love your way from OK.

Katie said...

This, and Owen, are beautiful Ebe! May grace, and love cover you and Chris these last few weeks before Hannah arrives, I too cannot wait to see her precious face!

Rebecca said...

Yes, oh, yes.

Never less than.

Always remembered.

Big Brother Owen!