Monday, May 3, 2010

Where I ramble and post a ridiculous amount of pictures


Everything feels so surreal. Like a dream, a fantastic dream... something different than you thought but still absolutely wonderful and completely perfect.

Chris made me promise that I wouldn't stay on here long trying to articulate everything I'm thinking and feeling. It would take hours. Probably a whole day. I'm not very good at napping during the day... there's so much to love about having her home with us and I want to enjoy it all, so when you sleep no more than 2 hours at a time at night (ah, 2 hours), there's little more precious than resting with our baby girl. Speaking of, she's sleeping right next to me, all swaddled and cozy. Pink perfection, so much like her big brother. I'm so glad you all can see it too. She's her own person for sure, and she also looks so much like him. A smaller version if you can believe it. Even though she weighed more at birth, his measurements were still bigger than hers.

We've been home since Friday afternoon. She got to come home with us!!!! I think we were all pretty shocked when they told us how well she was doing and how even for a 35 weeker, how strong and healthy and feisty she was- wirey is what her pediatrician called her.
We are so so thankful and I think a part of me is still in shock, trying to process that she's here and home with us and that, even with all the craziness surrounding her birth, she's so healthy and strong.

I don't think I can do into detail right now about everything that proceeded her birth, but let's just say, it was crazy and scary and weird and not how I thought things would happen. But it was God's providence that she would be born on April 27 and that she would turn transverse and need to be born through c-section (she always did love her mommy hammock).

Around lunchtime Tuesday afternoon, I was laboring through some not fun pitocin contractions (making some progress) when my doctor comes to check me and he feels what he thinks is a head with an arm right at my cervix. Not a fun or good way to deliver. He checks with an ultrasound and she has completely flipped (in just under a day) from being head down to being very transverse with her little butt and feet at my cervix. Right away he orders a c-section and things go very fast from there.
The c-section was not an experience I enjoyed at all or would ever voluntarily do, but I am so thankful for the advance in technology and medicine that allows us to deliver this way.

In labor, before we knew she had turned sideways. 

The family getting to see Miss Hannah in all her glory. Apparently it was quite a show.

Getting my first good look at my little girl. After the section, Hannah Mae went straight to the NICU where the nurses (sort of) argued over where to check her over- the special care nursery or the regular one and thankfully, she didn't need the NICU and was able to come and see me about 2 hours after her birth. It was the longest 2 hours ever, but since I was kind of out of it, I didn't realize until later really how long it was until I got to hold her. Her Papa was with her the whole time, so I knew she was in good hands. 

Seriously, if can believe this, my dad was admitted to the hospital on Saturday morning due to arterial flutter and had to have a procedure done the day I gave birth to Hannah Mae. His sweet sweet nurses snuck him over to see her on her birthday and all three of us were actually discharged on the same day! He's doing great, by the way.

My first outfit! 

Sweet little Elijah and Hannah Mae... precious Lovenox babies.

Going home!!!!

Finally at home... enjoying our sweet family time. 

Her first doctor's visit. Yay for a great report! She has only lost one ounce since leaving the hospital and is doing really well. She's now 4 lbs 2 ounces and is slowly learning how to breastfeed. I've been pumping and giving her a bottle as well as trying to encourage breastfeeding. So far, I think she's doing really great even though we don't always have success. 

I can't thank you all enough for all the prayers and encouragement you've given us. It means more than I can say and if I could say it- it still wouldn't be enough. Thank you so much.

Praise God, he is faithful.


Ashley said...

Im in tears! She is just so precious! So glad you three are doing so amazing!!!

Much love,

Kara and Tony said...

I'm glad everything went well and you're all home. She's a cutie! And we have the same white outfit with purple "shoes" that she's wearing in the bottom car seat picture for our girl (did I ever mention that I'm pregnant with a little girl due early August?).

Kelly said...

Where do I start? How beautiful! How wonderful that she got to come home! How amazing that she's doing so well.

I'm so thankful that your family is at home, safe and sound.

Amy said...

She is so tiny and cute! C-sections are no fun at all but looks like you are healing up well. I'm glad you got to take your little girl home and are all doing well.

Keisha Valentina said...

Oh Ebe, Ebe, Ebe, Ebe!!

I am in tears, laughing, crying.. all those emotions that come with being so freaking thankful for God's faithfulness.

Praise be to Jesus, there are not enough words to express how happy I am for you, for Chris, for precious Hannah Mae.

Thank you for this update. I felt bad (like it was all about me) but I was dying over here wondering what was going on, refreshing your page every half hour... :) Again, I'm a freak and I know it's not about me so sorry for that last annoying "comment" I left.

'nuff said.

PRAISE JESUS! For her precious life.

And through it all I am remembering him as well. Your precious Owen... he now has a little sister.

How incredibly beautiful.

We love you guys. Seriously, if there is anything we can do all the way in WA let us know.

Love, Chad, Keisha, Malia & Ketziah

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! I'm so so so happy for you and your hubby. Hannah is BEAUTIFUL. What a sweetie. She really is so tiny. So cute. Makes me miss the newborn stage and Liam is only 3 months. :) Glad to hear you are savoring every minute and that Hannah got to come home with you. And good luck with is HARD! But I bet once Hannah gets a little bigger, it will go much better.

Sara said...

Oh Ebe,
Praise God your baby girl is home with you. I was getting updates from Tonya... I was so thankful, because I was dying as well. But it is wonderful to get an update from you in person... YEAH.. and you look great, just beautiful.

All of the pictures of Hannah Mae are just precious. Ebe, I am so thrilled for you... absolutely thrilled! Just praising God here at my computer for Him faithfully bringing Hannah Mae here, how awesome He is!

Praying for a smooth transition and sending love from OK!

Lisa said...

Praise God from who all blessings flow! I am so thankful for beautiful little Hannah Mae! Bryan and I can't wait to come and meet her! Enjoy it all - I know you will! You all are glowing!
Thanking God with you!

Mrs. MK said...

Praise GOD!!!! I am more than thrilled at this update!

What a tiny little thing! I am so glad she was able to come home with you! What a blessing!

Thanks for all the pics!! MOREMOREMORE!!!

OH, yeah, and get yourself some rest!! And kiss little Hannah Mae for me!!!!

Rachel said...

So so so happy for you all!

Laurie said...

How fun to post all those pics for us!! You know we will be requiring so many more around here now, don't you. Like one of her with the chubby cat...just for size comparison sake!

That photo of you crouched by the carseat with Hannah in it...oh my!! How adorable. She looks like the size of my 3 year old's baby doll. I have never seen a baby that little get to go home that quickly. She is a fighter, for sure!! Congratulations to you and your family.

Charity said...

I am so, so thrilled for you. Baby Hannah Mae is absolutely beautiful. What a blessing from the Lord. Loved the pictures!

Jennifer said...

Oh, Ebe, this post brought me to tears. I have been praising God and rejoicing ever since I saw her picture. Congratulations!! Hannah Mae is so pretty and so blessed to have you and Chris as her mom and dad. I know that you both are blessed as well. God is the same yesterday, today and forever!! His faithfulness reaches to the sky. I am just so happy for you all. My husband was excited when I shared the news with him. I look forward to seeing Hannah Mae grow up. I know that no one will ever take the place of Owen, but I'm so elated that you finally got to experience the happiness of bringing your baby home.


The Blue Sparrow said...

She is georgous Ebe! Glad to hear that you both and your Dad are doing well. *HUGS*

Anna said...

So so incredibly happy for you! She's beautiful and I can so see Owen in her.


Mandi @ Organizing Your Way said...

She's so itty bitty and beautiful and perfect!!

Congrats again!

House of Collinsworth said...

This is the best part of my day. :o) I am so happy for you and I'm praising God for this healthy little girl in your arms!!!

Open Air said...

I'm so happy you got to go straight home with no time in the NICU. How incredible is that!! She's amazing. Thanks for posting more pictures so I can live vicariously through you! I know you're enjoying her more than any mommy ever has...

Anonymous said...

I'm in tears reading this post and seeing the absolutely beautiful pictures of Hannah! Praise God that she is safe and sound with you and Chris at home!!! I so look forward to the day I get to see you again and meet Chris and Hannah Mae! Love always!


Rachael Boer said...

Wow she is teeny tiny and absolutely gorgeous!! Praise God!

Freya said...

Yay--He is faithful! Thank you Lord. You look so blissful & she is soo cute!

Anonymous said...

She is just the picture of perfection! So incredibly beautiful!

Katie said...

I L-O-V-E the photo of you holding Hannah while leaving the hospital what a sweet sweet time of joy!! She is precious!

Melissa said...

I absolutely love the picture of Hannah with her hands on her head and face! So sweet! God bless you all. :)

Emily said...

"strong, healthy, and feisty!" Praise the Lord! May you enjoy every minute with Hannah Mae!