Monday, June 21, 2010

a little cheese for your first day of summer

This Father's day, I thought I'd share with you all what an incredible man, 
husband and Papa I've been married to for the last five and a half years. Not to brag, but he is the 
best, my favorite. Our life together hasn't been the easiest- 
and at times, it has down right sucked, but the love we've been given for each 
other is a choice I'm grateful to make every day.

Love you Papa.


Jennifer said...

Okay, that made my cry. That was so sweet, Ebe! I loved the picture of Chris and Hannah Mae sleeping. ;o)

House of Collinsworth said...

Beautiful video, Ebe!

Miranda said...

I love it Ebe!! Josh and I just watched the video together and we are so happy for yall and our hearts are truly touched. Hope you had a great day!! :) Tell "papa" we said happy Father's day!!


Sara said...

Ebe, I can see how much you love your hubby... that just warms my heart. That was just beautiful to see your life together in pictures... I can't get over how much Hannah looks like Owen did at birth... both so precious. Thinking of you friend... praying for the busyness that the next mos will bring for you all! God's peace!

elfinwynter said...

How incredibly sweet! My heart so full of love for Chris right now....and the wonderful wife and children God has given him....please pass on a belated Father's Day wish from me...and belated wishes for your special day also! I love you all!

Freya said...

That's great--I'm so glad for this new season in your lives.

Take Care,