Monday, July 5, 2010


This is a wee bit picture heavy, what can I say... apparently, I don't have the ability to edit. 

Some of my favorite things-

My family... and while I can't take any pictures, he lives in our hearts.

Her first smiles.

'Oh, my nap nanny, how I love thee.'

Soft and sweet smelling baby skin.

Experiencing the ocean for the first time.

Two months old!

This face, oh, this face melts my heart.

A pretty little tutu butt.

                                                  My moby wrap is a good, good friend.

A sleeping little girl in our arms.

Walks on the beach with my sweetheart... and a fourth of july shrimp.

Wiggly arms and legs. 

And chubby baby cheeks.

Life has been full and sweet and hard and lovely. Summer is hot and keeps getting hotter. We've been to the lake and the beach and to the movies (yes, can you believe we took our 2 month old to the movies... we did and it was fabulous). I celebrated my birthday with japanese food and a fussy baby. We survived the 6 week growth spurt and are settling into a routine. A routine that could change at any moment- wait, yep, it just changed again. Hannah Mae has discovered her fuss pot gene, which she did not, ahem, get from me. She's smiling now. Her smiles could melt the coldest of hearts. Mine included. She has a divine laugh, which we've only heard while she's sleeping, but I think she's getting close to laughing for real, mostly at her papa because he's just so darn funny. 
Breastfeeding has finally gotten better. She turns 10 weeks old tomorrow and it's only taken 10 weeks to feel like I've gotten the hang of it. Still, I'm constantly worried about my supply and obsessively checking her diapers and such. We think she's up to, oh, I'd guess 9 lbs now. She is definitely twice her birth weight. It seems like she grows and changes right before our eyes. It's scary and wonderful.

There are times when I look at her from across the room, times when I'm removed far enough physically from her to truly 'see' this crazy life all around me and I still can't believe it. 
She's here. She's alive and living here in this space with us. Her swing and diapers and pacifiers litter our tiny apartment and I love her more each day. With each passing hour I find my love for her grows. And when I think about Owen and linger on his face, his memory, I find my love for him has grown as well. Motherhood is a scary, vulnerable and beautiful thing. 

We're moving soon. I can hardly believe it. Chris only has a week and a half left of work before we start marathon packing and then another two weeks after that we ship out to the mid-west. 
I really can't talk too much about moving because it scares me and makes me sad and gives me heartburn... and well, I don't anticipate the transition to be any fun at all. I grew up moving every 2-3 years, so I know (sort of) what to expect. Moving to a place I've never even visited before is not a new experience for me, but I've never been the adult before and my parents aren't going to be there to tell me what to do.  

Hannah's getting baptized next Sunday. I can't even really describe what this means to me. Maybe I'll find the time another day to write about it. I know it will be an emotional day. I can't wait. 

Well, it's getting late and while we're getting more sleep these days, I still definitely sleep when the boss lady sleeps.


Keisha Valentina said...

love, love, LOVE this post.

Oh the beauty... in oh so very many ways.

Erika said...

what a beautiful post- i love all the pictures!!! good luck with moving- we recently moved (twice) and it fun. ;-) hannah is beautiful- just like her big brother! ((((hugs))))

Ruth said...

Hannah Mae is just beautiful - that little smile! I'm so happy for you.

Tonya said...

Oh Ebe. I hope I can type through my tears this morning. I'm so thankful our paths crossed through our blogs. It seems that we met just yesterday. I'm so sad that you're moving so far away. I feel like I need to soak in as much "Ebe time" as I can, but the reality of life is that there isn't much more time to be had. Between you getting ready to move and my three times weekly dr appts, there really isn't much time. :(

I loved seeing all the pictures! I'm glad you didn't edit and take any out. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to hear about Hannah's baptism. Love you and hope to see you again soon.


Freya said...

I'm so glad for you, Ebe. I'm just so glad for you.


Sara said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful post... beautiful family... ALL of you:)

I can't wait to hear more of Hannah Mae's baptism... we had Hope baptized in March, it was really special. As far as moving... I can relate and I know it can be hard... although I will say that our move to the seminary was the easiest, but moving from there wasn't easy at all. The whole experience of seminary life was SO SO SO much more than I ever thought possible. You will meet so many people who share so many similarities with you. I know you won't share everything in common with them, but I hope you are as plesantly surprised as I was... and remember that you have a get away vacation spot just 6 hours SW in Oklahoma:) We would love it!

I know that there was a student, but I think he was just working on campus when I had them in a childbirth class of mine... the Barclays... you could look them up. I think they had 2 kids?? I know they would have no idea of anything that has happened with Samuel... I think I had just gotten pregnant when I had them in class. I know you will find lots of friends there... OK enough rambling friend. I love you!

Praying for you with all the changes coming:) Hey could you pray for us G and I are heading to California next week for a vacation and some excited tries at something... I won't be posting on my blog about it specifically, but would love your prayers:)


Open Air said...

She's so cute! I love her smiles. She's adorable! Thanks for posting these.