Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What we did last night

After writing yesterday's post, I really needed to take in and savor what I have in my arms right now. Thanks, Kelly, for the reminder to hold Hannah close.

We went for a pre-dinner walk and since it was so nice out last night (in the low 80s), we took our time and delighted in each other and in God's beautiful creation.

I don't ever want to come across like I don't appreciate what I have. I know how precious this little life is.  And we try (though we're still human and struggle with sin) to appreciate each day/each poopy diaper/each fussy morning/each midnight waking/each wonderful moment with each other that we have.

And we praise our God for them.


Kelly said...

This is a beautiful post. So appropriate to include pictures of a beautiful baby girl. I just know that Owen was smiling down on you last night.

Devon said...

You didn't....We know how much you love and appreciate the gifts you have....But it doesn't take away the questions, frustrations, grief and pain....Walking with you...

heather ryan morse said...

God is so loving! Thank you for sharing!

Groves said...

You don't have to worry - you never, ever come across like you don't appreciate what you have. Yes, there will always be grief mixed with the joy (and for good reason), but you NEVER come across ungrateful.

You don't know me, but I have been touched beyond description by your words, your family, your sweet babies. Thank you for writing your heart. You have an especially beautiful one, and it is a "treat" to share it through this rather odd world of blogs, where people we don't know can feel like friends.

Your Hannah Mae is the dearest little girl ever. No wonder you love her so much.

Thank you, again.

Cathy in Missouri (but not in St. Louis :)

P.S. You can tell your husband that I deeply appreciated "Jesus Wants the Rose." Amen to all that!

Mollyanne said...

Thanks for your comment! I found your blog via Ashley M.'s - she and I went to high school together.
How funny that we used to be neighbors. Hope your transition to your new town is going as smoothly as possible!