Monday, September 27, 2010


Some things lately:

playing with my little girl, seeing the world through her eyes

remembering what a good life my granddaddy had- he passed away last week at the ripe old age of 90

eating Chick-fil-a: only two around here- coming from a smallish town with five!

watching my husband grow and learn more each day

talking walks as Fall comes round again

meeting new friends

being a part of something special

watching Hannah Mae explore and learn about the world around her

learning how to cook dinner again

reading God's Word

experiencing the beauty of simplicity

sharing Owen with new friends

(thinking about) exercising again *har-de-har-har*

listening to the kids play outside my open window

trying to find good Mexican food in St. Louis (FAIL)

reveling in the normal, 'little' things that come with having Hannah in our arms

wondering why in the world I'm auditing a class this semester- ask me how many times I've made it to class so far... we made it to class the other night and thought I'd document it with a picture... this is what it looks like to take a 5 month old to class with you

celebrating five months with our Hannah Mae!

and since I edited this post with a class picture, I'm just going to add one more... ;)

ok... two more!

The shirt Hannah is wearing above is her big brother Owen's...
'A surprise will appear in my pants' and it sure did.


Rachel said...

So Cute - she has the perfect little head! Isn't it funny what other people notice about your baby. Seriously though, she is C-U-T-E!

Ashley said...

Precious does not even come close to describing your Hannah Mae! What a gift she is!!! I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather! HUGS!

Charity said...

Hannah Mae just gets cuter and cuter! So sorry to hear about your granddaddy.
And yay for Chick Fil-A...we are moving to a place where there is only 1 and it's an hour away! Better enjoy it now while we can ;)
P.S. I sent you an email--my email address is

The Blue Sparrow said...

I'm so sorry about your Grandpa Ebe! I love all the pictures of Hannah Mae and that you're taking time out to enjoy the little things in life! (((HUGS)))

Sara said...

Boy does Hannah Mae have the Gerber baby shaped face or what? She is precious. Ebe, I am sorry about the loss of your grandpa. I will be praying for you...

I never did find a good Mexican restaurant there either:(
Thinking of you:)

Stephanie said...

I LOVE that last photo of Hannah Mae. She is just getting cuter and cuter. :)

Open Air said...

I love the last one! (And the one of you holding her after her bath.) She is so cute! She's really filling out. I love the chubby stage. :)

Ebe said...

Awww... thanks y'all!

Rachel, you don't know how many people have commented on her perfect little round head- some people even comment how she must be a c-section baby... she sure is! :)
And Sara, one time we overheard a women tell her kids, 'look it's the gerber baby!' We just laughed!

You guys are too sweet. I know how much you prayed and prayed for us during my pregnancy and I can't thank you enough. I love you all!!! I am so thankful to be able to share Hannah Mae with you.

Groves said...

ALWAYS love the wonderful pictures of you and your Hannah Mae.

I wonder if you have read this book:

An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination
by Elizabeth McCracken?

It is written from a secular perspective and the language reflects that, but I have a feeling you might love it as much as I did. Here is a little taste.

"Once upon a time, before I knew anything about the subject, a woman told me that I should write a book about the lighter side of losing a child.
(This is not that book.)"

"It seemed like the saddest thing I'd ever heard, back before I knew how sad things could get."

The author's son was full-term and stillborn.

I have gotten so much from reading it that it seemed worth passing along in case you might like to see if the library has it.

I wish Elizabeth McCracken knew the hope that you do, the hope of Jesus Christ. She's a particularly fine writer, which I find you to be as well.

As always, thanks for sharing your life.

Cathy in Missouri

Jennifer said...

Hi Ebe,

Your pictures of Hannah are so beautiful!! I hope you all are doing well. Love and prayers!!


Ebe said...

Thanks, y'all!!!

Cathy, I have read her book. I thought it was wonderful and deeply moving. I had the same thoughts, though, when I read it. I wish she knew the hope of Heaven...

jillian said...

A friend recommended your blog when we were blown with the stillborn death of our niece. Your Hannah Mae was born soon after our Maelee went to be with the Lord.

THANK YOU for writing, sharing as you do. It has been a sweet help to my own heart and I trust it is to so many others too....

Yes, come quickly Lord Jesus!

Love to you dear blogging friend-

in Christ,
jill k