Thursday, November 18, 2010

What is Seminary like?

One of my friends from back home asked me the other day what our days are like here in Seminary. Well, here's a (somewhat boring) look into our day-to-day life:

Chris' day starts at around 5 or 6am (some mornings, like yesterday and today, he's up at 4:30). He makes coffee (not that I'm up to see this, but the smell of fresh coffee makes its way back to the bedroom) and begins his school work. He either reads for class, studies Greek or works on a paper or two (again I'm not up to see this, but I do ask him later in the day what he did that morning). Most mornings (except for Mondays) his first class is at 8:30. Depending on how the night went with Hannah, we're up at 8/8:30 too, except we usually nurse and cuddle in bed before straggling into the living room to play (read: mommy makes coffee while Hannah chills in her exersaucer). 
Because we don't have much money to spare and we've never been ones to eat lunch out (even when we both worked), Chris comes home for lunch. We eat together and then back to studying or class he goes. Depending upon what he has going on that week (a test or paper due), Chris tries to get home from either class or studying by 5:30/6pm. We have dinner (I usually have it ready when he gets home, but you know, some days I don't and that's okay too).  Last night, for instance, after spending all afternoon cuddling my stuffy/runny nose baby (her second cold), I didn't get around to making dinner until 7:30. I made homemade burritos out of the ground turkey I had made for spaghetti the night before and we ate them sitting on the couch. :) I'm not gonna lie and tell you that we always eat dinner at the table, because we don't.
Tonight, I have big plans for some curried chicken and potatoes over rice, with a side of broccoli. We'll see if I get it done before 8pm (we're still battling a runny nose, as well as the after-effects of Hannah's six month vaccinations).

Nights are our family time, where we enjoy each other and hang out. Chris tries not to work or study past dinner, but again, it can't always be avoided. The end of the semester is upon us and he has some big papers and tests soon, so our nights will be looking a lot different this month. Chris is taking six classes (a full load) this semester, and it looks like in order to finish school in three years (like his scholarship dictates), he'll have to take a full load every semester, as well take January term and summer classes. We have been trying to establish an earlier bedtime, but you know how that goes. It's a slow and trying process. The last few nights we've gone back to the bedroom for bed at 9/9:30, but haven't been able to get Hannah down until 10/10:30. This whole cold/teething monster thing has been hard, but God gives us all the grace we need.

Usually our weekends look the same. Chris gets up around 6am on Saturday and studies until noon. I entertain Hannah all morning and work around the house, and then we spend the afternoon and evening as a family. Some Saturday nights, we hang out with new friends and have dinner together.
Sundays are our day of rest. We sleep in (correction: Chris sleeps in) until about 7:30-8:30, get up and out the door in time for Church. We spend Sundays together and just rest. It's always a nice day. No studying on Sundays. :)

So, that's that.

I think if you ask Chris what seminary is like, he'll answer far differently than this. This is my practical answer to what seminary looks like for us. The boring day to day stuff. You know, life.
Chris is learning so much and though it's extremely overwhelming for him, he loves it. I love hearing about what he learns in class and from his professors. I think it's so cool that he's learning Greek, though I have no desire whatsoever to learn it with him!
Some of the books he's reading sound amazing and I can't wait to dig into them. But I have to be patient with myself and know that things take me longer these days, and that's okay. I am still working on my thank-you notes for Hannah. I should really mail them out as I finish them, but there's something so satisfying looking at the pile grow bigger each night. I can't wait to get them all mailed out!

We're still, well sort of, visiting churches. It's been difficult finding one that we feel we can fit and be apart of. We loved our church back home and find ourselves comparing every church to our home church. I think we've both realized that we're not going to find a church exactly like our home church, so we need to pick one (there are a lot of good churches here) and just get involved.

Well, I guess that's it. :)

Seminary life, life in general, is a beautiful and challenging undertaking. 


Sara said...

I love hearing about your seminary life... it brings back good memories for me:) Enjoy that time, you will look back on it with such fondness in many ways. I will be praying for little Hannah that she gets over her cold quickly and the teething wouldn't be too rough on her... Thinking of you!


Tonya said...

When you leave an awesome church, it's hard to find one that compares. When we moved here, we looked for 3 years before we found one that everyone enjoyed. Good luck and hope sweet Hannah feels better soon!