Friday, December 31, 2010

First Christmas among other firsts

Hannah's first Christmas was, in a lot of ways, perfect. She had a white Christmas in the great southern state of Georgia. We snuggled on Christmas morning, watching the joy and wonderment on her face as she tore the wrapping paper and banged on her presents. We had a great time visiting with family, through regrettably we did not get to see all of my family. It was fun seeing the looks on their faces as they remarked on how big Hannah has gotten in four months. She certainly has grown up.

Hannah decided that during her first Christmas she would try out all kinds of new skills. It's amazing to see her grow up right before our eyes. She has been trying to crawl for weeks now, but the first time she was able to get going really well was at my parent's house. And she loved the attention it brought her!
The day before Christmas Eve, as I sat Hannah up after nursing she looked right at Chris and squealed 'Dada'! We all stared at each other in disbelief and hugged, laughing at our big girl's first word. Since then, she's been rolling dadada around in her mouth, trying out her new found sounds. It's so funny.

We've been signing to Hannah for months now, trying to help her communicate with us to ease a little bit of the frustration she (and I) might feel. The day we left Georgia to come home to St. Louis, after I had just put Hannah in her car seat in order to get on the road (again), she looked at me and made the sign for milk. I completely interrupted my brother-in-law and yelled at Chris, 'She signed milk. She signed milk!' I was so excited. Chris didn't really believe me, but he couldn't deny her new trick when she signed milk again that night. She's been signing milk like crazy since then. I'm pretty sure she's got the idea that signing for milk means signing for mommy. Which is true, I guess. She gets cuddles from mommy and a full tummy when she does her new trick.

Along the lines of 'I'm not really complaining, but I kind of am', Hannah has gotten in her first teeth. They are super cute little things! Her first tooth came in on the bottom, and then another right next to it. Now, her top two teeth are coming in at the same time. She's also been struggling to cut her bottom incisor, which I know hurts a lot. Honestly, I feel like an idiot for not putting two and two together, but teething is terrible! I feel horrible for her, because I know her mouth hurts and she has no idea what to do with all that pain, but man.... oh man, sleep is a thing of the past. There were a few nights where she woke up screaming every 30-45 minutes. I wish I was exaggerating. The combination of traveling and being in new places at night, seeing new people during the day plus teething has reeked havoc on all our sleep. The night before Christmas (no pun intended) was one of the worst nights of sleep. I propped myself up in bed, cradling Hannah crying in my arms and have never felt so helpless in my life. "Merry Christmas, my darling", I whispered to her when she had finally calmed down and fell asleep.

And it was a very merry Christmas.

My favorite Athens drink (Jittery Joe's vanilla chai), and chips and salsa.
Chai and salsa, if you will. 

Christmas in our jammies.

Christmas morning, oh the excitement!

Dada and Hannah Mae.

She did a pretty good job unwrapping her presents. 

How did this get in here? 
My first try at my grandmama's homemade biscuits. Delicious.

This was my plate on Christmas. And I did eat it all. I made a happy plate and a very happy tummy.

8 months old!

A beautiful red bird came and visited us this Christmas. Red birds always fill my heart with peace and comfort, reminding me of Owen (there's a big back story to this). Every time I see one, I know that God is with me.

Our Christmas snow in Georgia. 

I hope everyone's Christmas was full of the peace of God and the light of His love.
Happy New Year everyone!! 2011 here we come!

Oh, and I just had to add this- Today, Hannah Mae has been in our arms for 35 weeks 3 days- that is, to the day, how long I carried her in my womb. The eight months she's been in our arms has flown by way faster than the excruciatingly long 35 weeks and 3 days I carried her. We're so so thankful for every day with her. 


Tonya said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! Love these pictures! I'm so sad that we didn't get to see each other when you were in town. I absolutely understand how crazy that time can be and how stretched thin you are. I do hope to spend some time with you when you're back in the summer! It would be great if you were here for Matthew's first birthday!!!

Love and hugs to you all!


Sara said...

Ebe, Can I just say I love Hannah's round perfect little baby face... Wow, she is a cutie pie!

I am so glad you were able to make it home for Christmas... How many years will you be in the seminary??

I read back to your last post too... don't know how I missed it?? I so related to so much of what you said. Praying for the Lord to continue to heal our hearts bit by bit... till we meet him and see our boys face to face again...

Candace said...

Reading your blog always gives me comfort. I am always preparing my heart for loss as I know that the Day has not come yet. The way you and your husband risk loss gives me hope and encouragement. I don't know if you have shared or are willing to share - but I would love to hear the story behind the red bird. Thanks for sharing your life w/ us all! Your babies are beautiful!

Meyers_in_China said...

Merry Cmas to you all. I check "in" on you all from time to time. I am always so encouraged to see baby Hannah. I prayed so much for her! Much love- Emily