Thursday, January 20, 2011

What is Hannah Mae doing these days II?

The sweet babblings and squeals of an eight month old baby fill both our hearts and our little apartment. 

Hannah is crawling up a storm these days. She starting getting around really well just in time for the new year. She has also learned how to get on her bottom from her belly. Essentially, I guess she has learned how to sit. But that sounds like I'm talking about a dog, doesn't it?

We have been trying to encourage her to wave hello and goodbye, but I'm not sure she quite gets it yet. She can do it, but it looks kind of like she's hitting herself. Milk is still the only sign she can do, and she does it all the time. It's really cute, especially since I'm pretty sure she means mommy when she does it. 

About a week ago, Hannah started pulling herself up to her knees and then a few short days later, she learned how to get from her knees to her feet. She uses anything and everything to help her stand, which is scary because she has no fear of falling. Gravity makes no sense to her. We've had some bumps and falls, but (as much as I'd like to shield her from everything) I guess that's a part of learning. 

Hannah has just started eating two solids meals a day. She's really getting into this whole solid food thing. I made fresh peas yesterday (cooked, blanched, pureed and then strained) and they were a huge hit, which was really gratifying considering all the work that went into it. : ) Even Chris thought they were tasty, and he hates peas. 
Last night, Hannah ate 2 ounces of peas and then a half of banana. That's the most she's ever eaten at one time. I thought for sure we might be seeing some of it again later on, but it was all good- thankfully.

Sleep has been frustrating, but we're working on it. I'm beginning to think that some babies just aren't ready to sleep through the night until they're older, and that Hannah may be one of those babies. She was an unbelievably and thankfully good napper until this week. The whole 'I can get to my bottom without help' thing is super fun to do when you're not in the mood to sleep and crying in your crib. Chris kept going in there this morning to put her on her back, and she kept popping right back up, so we let her fall asleep that way. I went in and moved her to a more comfortable sleeping position when I was sure she was asleep. It is times like these that I am so thankful for the video monitor we received at our baby shower! I've got to say, though, that watching a baby nod and fall asleep in a sitting position is pretty funny/cute/sad.

My heart is so full these days, and I know it goes without saying to those of you who understand, but there is never pure joy in my heart. But it's not tempered joy either.
It's hard to explain, but it is joy and sorrow and love and longing and peace and longing.

And longing.

And oh so much joy.

And fun.


Tonya said...

Absolutely precious! Emma Grace has that same pillow pet...she will be thrilled that Hannah has one too! And love those teeth shining in the pics!


Rebecca said...

Sweeeet! Thank you so much for sharing her with us. Yes, joy and longing and peace and longing here too. So glad that you are enjoying your little HannahMae.

Sara said...

She is so precious Ebe! I love her round face... Thanks for all your prayers... I so appreciate them and you!

Freya said...

You guys looks great! Glad to hear you're doing well. I'm sorry you aren't just well and that there is longing also, I know how you feel. Take care!

Anna said...

I just love her!

I like how you describe the emotions... of course words can never portray it completely but yours come pretty close.

Love you friend.

Bree said...

She is so adorable. I'd definitely say my Nora is not wired for sleep. We are still getting up several times a night and only napping 30 minutes here and there. At 8 months, I'm pooped.

Laurie said...

totally get it!! Your life is filled up by the pure JOY of this precious baby girl who is a living doll, but the shadow of her missing siblings remains ever present in your life.

I LOVe that photo of her in the pink shirt on the couch. Her sweet baby chubbiness just radiates with that smile on her face!!

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful girl you have there. :) I hear you on the joy, sorrow, love, longing thing.
Liam didn't sleep through the night until 11 months...and then he just started doing it on his own. (Right before I was about to start some "sleep-training" - I was tired!).