Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I've always been a cuddler. Physical touch is definitely one of my love languages. I remember getting to the age where it was no longer cool to hold hands with your friends and it honestly hurt my feelings. Thankfully, I married a cuddler and we get along just fine.

I can remember when I was little, I would bury my face into my mom, sometimes rubbing it in the process. My mom isn't the cuddly type, but she was sweet to let me waller (cuddle, snuggle and climb all over her). Though she tolerated it during my baby and toddler years, as I got bigger I can actually remember with fondness being scolded for 'rubbing my nose' on her. I would always balk and say, "I'm not rubbing my nose on you!!" And I wasn't. 
It was a comforting thing to rub my face on my mom. I don't know why, but it was.

I now have my very own face-rubber. And I love it. I am so thankful.


Keisha Valentina said...


Sara said...

Yay for cuddling little ones. I can picture you cuddling with your mama... Hannah Mae is blessed to have you as her cuddle partner:)
Can you believe one year of sem is already blown by... enjoy this sweet special time:) I miss it!

Katie said...

These photos are adorable, so nice that Hannah is a cuddler too!

Mrs. MK said...

So sweet!! I have a cuddler, too, in my 7 year old. I have to remind myself NOT to scold him for wiping his nose on me!! :-)