Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Seminary lessons

Going to seminary has taught me a lot. And I'm not even the one taking all the classes.

One thing I've learned: 
pray for your pastors and their families.

They need your prayers and support just like you would expect from them. 

I feel ashamed of the way I've thought of my pastors in the past. I've expected perfection and when I received less, I've been angry. I've expected them to say all the right things when I'm hurt or afraid. I've expected them to fill me with hope, joy and peace at all times with every action and spoken word.

I don't know if you've ever tried, but it's impossible to say the right thing at the right time all the time.
It is a huge responsibility to lead a church and care for its flock. I am quite daunted by the thought of this responsibility and again, I'm not even the one who will be leading the church. I think we could (I know I could) have a little more grace with our pastors and their families. Though we may wish for them to have all the right answers, they can't. Though we may expect perfection, they will never live up.

They can only point to the One who brings hope, joy and peace.

I am praying that once we're out of seminary (it's a little unbelievable that we only have two years left), we will point to Christ in our daily life and not just on Sunday mornings.

We have a lot to learn about ministering within a church. I was naive about seminary before coming here (that's another post in and of itself), and I know I am naive about working in a church too, but I know that God will continue to be faithful and gracious to us as we learn.

Today, I'm taking some time to pray for my pastors back home in Georgia and for the other pastors in my life*. I'm so thankful for the One who brings hope, joy, peace and who is far more gracious than we can understand.

*A special note for Sara- We pray for you guys often.

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