Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What is Hannah Mae doing these days III?

There is a lot of activity around our apartment these days. Hannah Mae started walking a month ago and is now a pro. She loves to wander off by herself. She's down the hallway and disappearing around the corner every time I turn around. I love the way she toddles behind me when I go into the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc. She's an adorable little girl who is full of squeals. Squeals of delight, excitement and frustration and anger. Our girl has a temper, as much of a temper as I can have at times.
She loves books, but not for reading- mostly for chewing. I can't count the number of times I've fished tiny pieces of her favorite book out of her mouth. I usually give her three chances to choose not to chew on her books before I have to take them away each time. It's a daily dilemma. I want her to explore books and have access to them when she wants to look at them, but I also have to watch her because she'll have that book in mouth in a second. They must be delicious.

Hannah Mae and I dance a lot... with or without music. Almost every time she hears music, she starts bopping and bouncing, and recently she's starting twirling herself around in a circle. It is seriously the cutest thing. Her version of twirling is walking around and around in a circle with her arms in the air. Sometimes she even sings while she dances. It sounds like singing to us anyway. It's probably more like humming with your mouth open.

She's still our little peanut, but just the right size for Hannah Mae. She's not even 19 lbs apparently. I had wrongly assumed she was already over 19 lbs, but for her 12 month check up she weighed in at 18 lbs 6 oz. She's also just over 26 in which makes her in the 3rd % for height in her age group.

She is getting more and more into solid food now. Her favorite food is definitely spinach and cheese quesadillas at the moment. She's also a huge fan of yogurt, apples, sweet potatoes and cheerios. I've been pretty slow in introducing meat, because she's just not into it yet. I offer, but don't push it because she gets protein from other food. She's still little, and I'm not going to push 'big people' food until she's ready.
I'm still nursing, but don't really talk about it much because it's a weird subject now that she's over 12 months. I don't think it's weird, but there is weirdness out there about it. I'm just thankful.

Chris had a small break in between semesters, so we had some great family time together recently. We went out and explored the city. We visited the zoo, the art museum a few times, the park and had a date over a plate of crepes. Hannah Mae LOVES animals. The zoo was so much fun this time because she got really into watching the animals and interacting with the kids around her. The penguin house is her favorite at the moment, and quite frankly ours too because it's about 40 degrees in there! Cats, dogs, birds, squirrels, penguins, bunnies, babies, little kids, oh and her favorite stuffed animals will all elicit a loud squeal of excitement and grunt of happiness.

Our days are full and fun, at times frustrating and difficult, but we are thankful nonetheless.

I had a little trouble picking pictures that I liked best from the past two months, so hopefully you don't mind! It's a little picture heavy...

This is how we spend much of our days... walking around exploring... her room, the kitchen, outside, the playground, the bathroom, her diaper basket, the recycling bin, etc...

Hannah Mae's two favorite stuffed animals.

Memorial Day picnic!

 A visit to the St. Louis Art Museum. What a fun day. We saw so much great artwork. 
And Hannah Mae loved it so much there that she cried when we left.

This is Hannah Mae pouting after we left the museum.

We went to the zoo on a super hot morning. We had a great time, but as you can see we sweated, a lot.

Thankfully, the penguin house was open, so we cooled off for a while and watched the penguins splash around. Hannah Mae thought they were hilarious.

And back to the Art Museum. It took us three visits to the museum to see everything. We still can't wait to go back again!

All tuckered out on daddy's shoulder after church.

Coloring on Father's day with daddy.

Shakespeare in the Park... we had a blast watching a 1950s style retake on the Taming of the Shrew. I had very low expectations of how well Hannah Mae would do at the play. It was much better than I expected. She played, yelled a little, danced to the music and ate a ton of puffs. And stayed up three hours past her bedtime! Shhh....

All camped out waiting for the show to start. We saw belly dancers, fire eaters, sword dancers (?) and jugglers. St. Louis has so many great (and free!) attractions during the summer. I hope we can take advantage of them all while we're here.

This is Hannah Mae during intermission. We almost left during the break, but decided to stick it out. I'm glad we did.
It was a lot of fun. 

It was my birthday recently (29!!). We had the amazing opportunity to have professional pictures done and it was a great birthday present! Chris was busy taking a Hebrew exam, so sadly he didn't get to be in any of the pictures.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!!