Saturday, August 27, 2011


Some days the sadness comes and goes in small waves, washing over me as I pick up the cutesy girly toys from the living room floor, and drifting off as I dance with my daughter to the music in our heads. Other days, the sadness lingers in everything I do. It accompanies me as I cuddle and nurse Hannah Mae and as I wash dishes in the kitchen.

I miss him. And it doesn't get any easier.
"Why?" I hear others whisper to themselves... Why, if I have Jesus, doesn't the pain lessen or the grief subside? Because we still live in a fallen, broken world and no platitude or positivity will make the brokenness subside or the sting of death lessen.

Until. Until Jesus makes all things new, and so we wait.


Sara said...

I love you Ebe! I do feel your pain...longing for that day with you!

Candace said...

The sadness and grief can be so crushing it feels as though our souls could burst into a million tiny pieces. I long for the day with you as well... when our fragmented souls are made whole and our arms will not be empty or longing. Oh how we wait...

Keisha Valentina said...

Ebe, I am so glad you are writing again.

Longing right alongside with you.

Remembering your precious Owen today.

Love, Keisha

Tonya said...

What a glorious day that will be! Love you!

Groves said...

Yes. Longing and longing, too.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.


Cathy in Missouri

Aly said...

<3 A beautiful reunion one day!

Freya said...

I can only imagine a grief as pronounced as yours & I'm just sorry, Ebe.

Mrs. MK said...

Just a little while longer, Ebe! Hang on to the hope of that glorious day, when all tears and sorrow will be erased! (I have trouble imagining myself without any shred of this grief, but look forward to it anyway!!)