Friday, September 2, 2011


A lot of sweet and fun memories from this summer... things that make me happy.

Seeing Hannah Mae's personality get bigger and bigger. She's a ham, for sure.

Being there for her first steps and watching proudly as she discovers a whole new world.

Just keeping it real... we had a lot of fussing this summer too. She's an independent girl and knows what she wants and doesn't want. 

Hanging out with my best friend.

Teaching Hannah Mae how gross goats are. : )

Discovering the joy and mess of self-feeding.

Getting to see Sara again and hold precious Levi for the first time. What a sweet time it was.

Cleaning up the living room floor after Hannah goes to bed. I'm so thankful for a room full of toys strewn on the floor.

Going on Hannah Mae's first ride on a carousel. 

Teaching Hannah my love of gymnastics... and the balance beam.

Getting to walk the streets of our hometown with our daughter.

Discovering that Hannah Mae may not be the water baby that her brother was. She was not a fan of the baby pool.

Watching Hannah snuggle all the animals she could while visiting home.

Two words.... gloriously refreshing. 
Such a wonderful time with two great friends.

Taking Hannah Mae to the place where her parents had their first date.

 Visiting with Tonya for an entire day (!), though not long enough at all. 

Spending time with my grandmama, Hannah's Little Mama. She hates being called that, but it's a sweet joke that I can't let go of, so she's officially 'Little Mama'. : )

Watching Hannah Mae get licked in the face by her favorite cousin dog, Bella.

Making Hannah's Mae's first height mark at my mom's house; just like I did with my grandparents. 

Watching Hannah Mae discover how water comes out of a hose. Lots of water in the face!

Chris buying Hannah Mae her first purse and seeing how natural it was for her to carry it around on her arm- such a girly girl we have. I don't carry my purse like that at all, and I didn't teach her. : )

Remembering how this summer started with our baby not yet walking... now she's such a big girl!

Busy making dinner in the kitchen only to turn around and see this at my feet. I still have no idea what she was doing, but she got a kick out of it!

This summer had so many difficult points to it, and times when I thought I might stress myself into an absolute tizzy. But I don't want to forget all the happy things we did together and how much fun we did have. It was a great summer.
So long, farewell Summer days!


Kelly said...

Love to see these pictures of all of you, so incredibly happy. :)

Keisha Valentina said...

I absolutely loved this!

Open Air said...

That purse pose has me laughing out loud! And I can't believe the one of her in the jeans with one leg out to the side...such a big girl! I love her little expressions. :) What a cutie!

Sara said...

I love all the pictures Ebe... so great! You are Chris are so cute... of course along with Hannah Mae:) Love it!