Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall again

The other day Hannah Mae and I went for a walk in the cool autumn air. We stopped to pick up leaves, touch the grass and coo at the bugs and birds in the air. We meandered along the path carefully, making our way slowly through the red and yellow leaves on the ground. Hannah loved stepping on the leaves with her little feet, so deliberate and happy in her leaf crunching dance.

The wind rushed towards us and blew our hair all around. Hannah stopped still in her tracks and a huge smile spread across her face. More! she signed with her sweet baby hands. The smile stretched farther across her face as the wind picked up again and blew the leaves toward her on the ground. More! More! she signed as she looked up at me expectantly. "I can't make the wind blow, sweetie." Just then, the air around us moved. Her face broke out in my favorite open mouthed smile and I smiled back. "Only God can make the wind blow, baby. We can only appreciate it when it does."

And we did. We marveled at the wind the whole way home, pausing to feel its breath on our faces, smiling and giggling together every time the air moved.

I've never been so thankful the cool autumn air and the wind blowing around me. It's Fall again.

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