Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The break

Remember me writing about how I hadn't caught the stomach bug from Chris or HM?... well, I spoke/wrote too soon. In the middle of the night, on the eve of our flight home to Georgia... I woke up feeling off. My stomach made some terribly loud and strange rumblings and thus began one of the hardest days I've had in a while.

Our flight was supposed to be at 10am that morning, but we called the airline and managed a change to later in the afternoon. After a lot of whining and thinking and lying in bed, I decided that I would attempt one the dumbest things I've ever tried: travel with the stomach bug. About five minutes before we were supposed to walk out of the door for the airport, I threw up (excuse the gross details) for probably 5 minutes straight. That was fun (I had the popped blood vessels in my face to prove it). I quickly showered, changed and off we went to the airport. (Let's stop here and discuss the rudeness of flying with a highly contagious sickness... I know... I would have been so mad if I was a passenger on a plane and I knew that someone near me had the stomach bug. I mean, really. The nerve... and I'm being totally serious here. As I've mentioned before, I'm a germaphobe.)

Miraculously, we made it all the way to my brother's house without incident and there I collapsed into a ball of dehydration and exhaustion. Thankfully, we already knew the bug was only a 24 hour deal so we knew we would be home free soon. What I didn't know is how terrible I would continue to feel for about 4 days after. I think I was probably pretty dehydrated because I was still managing to nurse HM, but drinking made my empty stomach feel gross, so naturally I didn't drink much. Yep, smart I know.

So, that's how our break started. Fun, right? Well, at least we were together.

We also had a small cold which totally wrecked my plans of meeting up with Tonya and her family. I'm still mad at that cold. I waited the obligatory 7 days (7 days, not 5 like I previously thought) so the stomach bug germs would be gone, and then a few days after that, we caught a cold. Booooooooo. (I'm still so sad, Tonya!)
Traveling is already hard during the holidays, and then you add sickness and it becomes triple-hard. We didn't even make it to our beloved home church to visit, or see hardly any of our sweet friends from back home. And honestly, we're so sad, we didn't even  manage to call half of them. : (

We did get to visit with all of our families, and everyone oohed and awed over HM which she loved. She is adorable these days, and she knows it!

I read a really amazing article online last month about Christmas, which I meant to share then... but it is still relevant today. Joy to this Cursed World.

Why we can have joy and hope at Christmas, even when there is so much sadness and grief.... why we can smile and cry, laugh and sing, sob and sorrow, and miss those who are missing... all the while praising our Savior all the day long.

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Jennifer said...

Hi Ebe! It's been a while since I've blogged and just wanted to say hello. Hannah is so cute and growing up so fast. I still think and pray for each of you often. May the Lord continue to richly bless you!