Monday, February 20, 2012

7 things

1. Have I mentioned I like lists? I made a Master List yesterday. Are you laughing yet?

2. Hannah Mae had a virus over the weekend and spent the majority of her time whining, feeling yucky and laying around with her mama. She is such a sweet little thing. Every time I put her down to bed, I would tell her that I loved her and that she could call out mama if she needed me. Her little voice answered back 'tay' (okay) every time.

3. Trader Joe's new Quinoa and Black Bean Tortilla Chips with salsa is a perfect snack. I'm licking my fingers as I type.

4. Every other Monday morning we have a family date. Two weeks ago we went to the zoo and the history museum. We got to ride the carousel for free. We were the only ones on the ride, so Hannah had her pick of animals. She choose the Horse. But once we took a look at the name of the animal at the top, it turned out to be the Wild Ass. This morning we made a leisurely trip to the mall. Chris and I both had vouchers for free coffee at Starbucks, so it was a perfectly lazy morning.

5. I received a new plant yesterday. Made my day. And the couple who brought it over, they're pretty great too.

6. I have been buying whole chickens for roasting once a week. Once I got over the fear of a whole raw bird, it has become one of my favorite meals. And I'm slowly getting over the bones and 'stuff'. Homemade bone broth is also a great benefit to buying a whole bird. It is amazingly delicious, healthy and so easy. Seriously, I never would have thought that a former vegetarian with a fear of raw meat could tackle such a feat.

7. I cleaned out one of our hall closets this afternoon. It was pretty funny how good it felt when I finished rearranging screwdrivers, outlet covers and spare extension cords. I also found our lost battery supply. Um, anyone out there need some batteries? ; ) Oh, I need to add- this one was actually on my list to begin with.

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