Wednesday, May 9, 2012


*Hannah Mae sitting in time-out very quietly. Too quietly. Discovered she was playing in her poop. Little toddler feet ran after me into the kitchen as I try not to freak out, leaving a poop trail behind her. She then proceeded to put her hands in her mouth- crying after she realized that doing that was not a good idea. I love that she looked at me like it was all my fault as she wailed with her hands held out in disgust.
The baby I keep during the week crawled right into said poop trail. Both baby girls had a bath and a good talking to about never ever playing in poop.

*All cuddled up in her hooded towel after a bath, she looks just like the newborn I brought home from the hospital.

*Nursing a toddler. Challenging; we are busy busy busy. It would be easier not to nurse her, but my days wouldn't be as sweet. Taking the time to stop the busyness of toddlerhood, and sit and cuddle my girl is such a priceless gift.

*Mornings watching Sesame Street snuggling on the couch, warm cinnamon coffee in hand.

*Staying up late into the night; the house sits quiet, toys put away, a clean kitchen and an important project that cannot wait.

*Learning anew each day what a Savior I have.

*A busy end to a busy semester of school, work and studying. We have made it. Two years down, one to go.

*Looking forward to a restful and fun summer. A new adventure awaits!


Tesha said...

You sound like such a wonderful mommy! I love that you still nurse her. Hannah Mae and Owen are blessed to have you.

Sara said...

aiy yi yi on the poop... believe it or not, we haven't had that one yet... now since I said that... it will probably happen tomorrow:) She is so blessed to have you as her mommy Ebe... I miss you! Can't wait to hear about the new adventure:)

Tonya said...

Sweet, sweet memories. Even the poop! Jessica woke up from her nap when she was about 18 months old and decided to take her diaper off...her poopy diaper! She had it all in her bed and fed it to the stuffed Barney she had in her crib. Yes, she even ate some herself. Yuck! Then Emma Grace stuck her hand in her poopy diaper in her exercauser one day while watching a Baby Einstein video. I heard her gagging and poop was the culprit. Fun times. You are a wonderful mommy!!! I love that you are savoring these moments because they go SO quickly. Love you!