Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Deep Thoughts....

.... by Jack Handy.

I painted my fingernails bright neon orange last weekend. They are probably a love it or hate it color, but I'm loving them.

Summer is wrapping up and we will soon be on our way home ready to tackle our last year in seminary. We have made some big decisions this summer. And we are excited.

I am so so ready for some good quality friend time next month in Georgia. I get all antsy and excited when I think about it.

Hannah Mae has finally gotten over her fear of hair ties. The last few days she has let me put her hair in a ponytail and pig-tails. I have to admit that I get all weepy when I see those bouncy little girl curls in a ponytail. Oh, have I dreamed for this moment!

This summer has been a challenge for me, but God has been so very gracious to us in this season of transitory living.

I know we'll look back on this summer and remember the smell of wet grass as Hannah splashes in the blue kiddie pool, the sweet sticky feel of our hands after sharing a huge tub of frozen yogurt piled high with raspberries, and the endless exclamations of 'walk!! my toes' from the backseat as we pull up to our destination.

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Amy said...

love the pig tails!