Friday, September 21, 2012

For you and for me

"...Death is at your doorstep, and it will steal your innocence but it will not steal your substance. You are not alone in this.... and you are not alone in this. As (sisters) we will stand and we'll hold your hand. Hold your hand." Mumford & Sons, Timshel

The thing I love about music with lyrics (or without lyrics too) is that we can all hear something so different, and interpret it for ourselves taking away something that encourages us or makes us think.

Mumford & Sons is one of those bands that has a richness in every word they choose. The lyrics of their songs are full of meaning and purpose. For someone who has a 'thing' for words, I love listening to their music. And I love the song Timshel. I can listen to it over and over and over again. Seriously.

When I listen to the words above, I hear a whole community singing to someone who is grieving the death of someone they love. Death has come and it has taken away the one they love. It has stolen so much from them- so much that they can no longer be innocent to the pain of this world... but the community responds with the truth that death can never take our substance, who we are. It cannot steal who we are. Not ever.

For me, that is beautiful. Death separates us for a time, but the ones we have lost here on Earth are still intact. They are still the people they were here. Owen is still Owen in Heaven. And we will have the tremendous joy of seeing our loved ones again and we will never be separated again.
Praise the Lord.

And then the community sings their love to the bereaved: you are not alone in this... you are not alone. We will stand and we'll hold your hand.

Thank you for holding my hand, friends. It is an honor to hold yours.

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