Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ode to Summer

The last day of summer,
a rainy melody of drums
lifts my spirits and walks us into fall.

Sticky sweet ice cream on a sweet baby girl,
pickles in a breakfast bowl,
guys, superheroes and gray capes.

New music written by my husband,
exploring a new city and 
discovering a new home.

Three calls but not ours yet,
prayers and intercession,
waiting and hoping.

Bandaids with pretend boo boos,
and singing Joy at church.

Beet juice and Tinkerbell,
French fries with mayo and ketchup,
coffee with my papa.

A little girl's first movie,
a fun trip to the ocean
and a belly full of ice cream.

Splashing, swimming, jumping,
3,261 miles on the road
and priceless reconnecting with my love.

So long, farewell, 
auf weidersehen, goodbye
long sweet summertime days.


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Sara said...

Love it Ebe... that phone call will come!!! Praying for you!:):)