Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy 5th birthday, Owen!

Watching the balloons fly up and away yesterday. It was so special to see those little girls' faces as they watched the balloons soar up into the sky. It was pure joy for them. And so sweet for us to experience their joy with them. 

This week we have felt so loved. Last week, my friend here in STL asked me if we would want to celebrate Owen's birthday alone or with friends, because she would love to celebrate him with us. It was like a fresh cool breeze on a stifling day. I felt immediate relief about what this week might be like. And so a birthday party was planned. A balloon release, Mexican food (my favorite thing to eat when I was pregnant with Owen) and homemade cupcakes. Here is her blog on Owen's birthday celebration.
Another good friend wrote about Owen on her blog too, and brought tears to my eyes.

I think choosing to celebrate his birthday with our friends made the day much more peaceful and joyful than it could have been with the three of us. Sometimes we get stuck. And sometimes it takes others to pull you out of your stuck-ness.

It was also so special for Hannah Mae to have her friends with her, talking about her brother and celebrating him like the real person that he is. I know it's hard for her 2 year old mind to understand what has happened and why she has a brother she can't see. We're so thankful for how yesterday turned out to be a wild and crazy fun day. There were four little girls (not counting HM) celebrating Owen yesterday and as one of my friends said, "Owen would have had a lot of girlfriends!" That made me smile.

One of the little girls (who is turning five next month) who was celebrating with us asked her mom why babies sometimes died. And oh, with tears in both of our eyes... she said it made her so sad. And then she told her mom how many friends named Owen she had... one in the neighborhood, one at school and one in Heaven. It is so hard and sweet to see the kids think through some of these eternal things.

I went to bed last night exhausted. It has been a long, hard week. And a part of me feels such relief that it is over. There are so many memories, so many rememberings that just break my heart and I'm thankful we made it through the week. And that we were able to celebrate our son for the joy and the precious little guy that he is.

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, dear Owen! You are loved and missed.