Saturday, January 12, 2013

Home and two poems

Home again, home again, jiggity jog.

After 12.5 hours on the road, we are home. It was a very long day in our loaded-down car with two of my favorite people, both of whom are sleeping soundly at this present moment. Hannah Mae, who was a gold star trooper most of the day, fell apart immediately upon entry into our home. She followed me around demanding I hold her. She's getting so big, it's a little harder to unpack bags holding a 32 month old(!). 

Christmas and New Year's were both well celebrated in our family. I have some particularly fun memories of both holidays this year. Quite a few of them involve various members of my family cutting a rug on the dance floor (including my grandmama). It was hilariously fun to dance side by side with my grandmama the day after her 87th birthday... 
I have another memory of Hannah renaming my sister-in-law's cat 'Strawberry' because the dog's name is 'Blueberry' ... that just makes sense, doesn't it?...
Then there's the night that Hannah made everyone take turns trying on her hooded Batman towel she got for Christmas, and pretend to be Batman with her...

Oh, why not a poem?... (set to the tune of O Christmas Tree)

Pink Jesse boots and a hat to wear
when riding her new pony.

Four Batman guys and a weird Joker,
who live inside a pink castle.

My mom and dad can really dance
according to that guy watching. (repeat)
We may have laughed at them a lot,
but only from the balcony.

Two long hard days in a crowded car;
The beach, the mountains, twice as far.

O Christmastime, O New Year's Eve...
what fun we had as a family!
O, what fun we had as a family!!

Whew. Yeah. That was cheesy. You don't have to tell me. ; )
Speaking of poems (or things that resemble poems), I found one of my first poetry books last week at my parent's house collecting dust. And because I think it's too hilarious not to share... here it is:

Hannah (a limerick):
There once was a girl named Hannah,
who lived in a state called Alabama.
She walked all around
And had to sit down
No wonder, she was in Savannah.

Yes, I really wrote that... when I was 12. Who knew I would have a little girl named Hannah all these years later?? Crazy. 

I hope everyone had a restful and joyful Christmas and New Year's. I know that the holidays are often a time of sadness and grief, much more often than a time of rejoicing, but I pray that you had moments of lightness and hope.


Anonymous said...

I can literally feel how happy you were during your holidays. I've been following you for a long time and I have to say this was one of the first posts where I've felt that you were actually happy and joyous. That makes me feel so good! You've had some very hard knocks and it's nice to picture you surrounded by laughter.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Hannah has gotten to be such a big girl !!!!!

Love your updates !

Open Air said...

Oh, my, my, my! She is too cute for words. I can't believe how long her hair is! What a sweetheart. I can't look at her without remembering the words you wrote three years ago at New Year's, praying for a year filled with many sleepless nights with Hannah Mae. She is a miracle. God is so good! I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas with family! Blessings on your upcoming move!