Sunday, February 24, 2013

A movie and a project

I can't think of many things more validating than listening to another person's story that resonates so closely with your own.

One moment you are alone in a dark cave with no hope of light, no way of knowing which direction is up or down, left or right... and then suddenly there is a warm hand in yours... holding a candle, lighting the small space around you.

It is a deep down gut wrenching, heart breaking, wonderful feeling... that someone could possibly understand you and your grief.
It frees you up to feel whatever you need to feel... because suddenly you're not alone. And there's this person who not only has been where you have- in that hospital bed recovering with empty arms- but they now walk alongside you on this road, on this journey that lasts the rest of your life.

This is one of the reasons I blog. And why I talk about my son so much.

That is also one of the reasons this movie, Return to Zero, is so important. And this one too- The Still Project.

Both movies are bringing stillbirth out of the shadows and darkness, telling the world that it is not something to be ashamed of... our children are not something to be hidden and never spoken about.

Thank you, Sean Hanish, for allowing me to talk about and share Owen's story. No matter what the world says, my son is more than tragedy and loss. He is our boy, our blessing and God's great gift to us. We miss him, and love him with all that we are. And we are NOT alone.

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Tesha said...

beautifully said! Even with ALL my children and All the noise I daily notice the absence of my baby boy. I close my eyes and see him crawling after his big brother. No one can ever replace the absence of them.