Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The promise that spring is here shines as clear as the sun that lingers longer and longer each twilight, even if the snow covering the ground says otherwise.

The hope of new life... a promise that life springs forth after death...

This is the week six years ago that we discovered I was carrying a baby, an unexpected and deeply loved baby, who would live and grow and kick inside me for 8 months. You may think it's weird to acknowledge and even celebrate the time I found out I was pregnant with Owen, but...
But it was all we had. Those pregnant days, those 36 weeks 1 day were all we had with him.

Spring calls me to remember hope. I'm so thankful for the yearly reminder that God renews, redeems and resurrects. Yes and Amen.

And one day, one blessed day, those 36 weeks 1 day won't be all we had anymore.

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Em said...

Waiting for the day that your 36w1d
won't be all you had with Owen. Waiting for the day that the 9 months in and 10 months out won't be all that we had with Eva. Just waiting for the day. And regarding spring, I feel the same way you do. It seems impossible under the snows of winter that new life would ever be possible. But, amazingly, surprisingly, graciously, it is.