Thursday, December 12, 2013

Life lately and sweet levity


Cousins at Thanksgiving. Bella is one of two of the girls' cousin dogs. 

Reading superhero books. 

So snugly and sweet. 

Hilariously reading the paper like granddaddy. 

Happily waiting in line to see Santa. 
Completely freaked out when she saw him and would NOT get close enough for a picture. 

My heart. 

She had way too much fun on our girls weekend. Her favorite part was eating a snack at midnight in the hotel bed. 

Some of my favorite people. This is the friend who would sit outside my door quietly knocking and praying for me after Owen died. Her oldest daughter (same age as Owen) took the picture. I love them. 

Meeting their very first cousin! (Well, third cousin.) She is a sweet little baby girl. 

Born at the same hospital as Hannah. So so sweet to go back there. Such good memories. 

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