Monday, May 12, 2014

Brushing the dead grass away

Yesterday was Mother's Day. I spent the day with my girls, my mama, and my grandmama. It was the first time in six years that I have recognized that it was Mother's Day at all.

I snuggled and laughed with my daughters.
I hugged and kissed my sweet mama, who has been so patient and gracious and loving to me as I have been ignoring Mother's Day since Owen died.
I went to church and wept as the choir sang the song we sang as we buried Owen. I let the words wash over me, my tears falling silently.
I knelt at my firstborn son's grave and brushed the dead grass off his marker.

As I hugged my mama and wished her a happy Mother's Day, I thanked her and whispered that this day is finally starting to get easier. And it's true though a part of me felt bad for saying it. It felt like I was admitting that it is easier now to not have my first baby here with me for Mother's Day- which I don't think could ever be true. But I am learning to live this life I have been given... I am learning.

Brushing the dead grass away... wiping his marker clean with my hands. I ran my finger over his name, and washed it with my tears. I whispered secret words to my firstborn son and told him that I love him, and I miss him.

I ache to see him, to talk to him and hug him, for us to be together as a whole, unbroken family... and I have great hope that one day we will do just that.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Amen. ~Keisha