Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pictures, parenthood

Little feet jumping, dancing, stomping
Chubby cheeks waiting to be kissed
Wispy hair tickling my nose 
Sweet sticky little kid smells. 

Sour-sweet shoulders
Clothes forgotten in the washer
Dinner eaten late, standing barefoot in the kitchen
Coffee ice-cold, rewarmed again. 

Screaming, fighting, crying.
Tantrums run wild,
breaking up the day
with pleas for help.

Late night bowls of cereal
in bed, a baby in my lap. 
Unwashed hair braided back,
'Workout' clothes become pajamas, 
become tomorrow's clothes.

Maker of stories, milk out of thin air. 
Half eaten apples, like potpourri 
litter the carpet next to Batman and Cinderella. 
The vacuum, my music. 

Busy, busy, busy 
yet the day seems undone.
The sun sets on an unchecked to do list
and frustration builds. 

The pretty little picture I had made
in my head of this life,
And the guilt rages on. 

Countless tears shed and dried,
my own mixed with theirs. 
Half whispered prayers of grace-
Grace grace grace.

Grace kneels down with us. 
Grace washes and calms
My weary soul.
My sinful self. 

Grace for these precious children
whose faces look to mine for love
for comfort, for security 
and acceptance. 

Pictures of parenthood,
the picture of Love.
His mighty, faithful Love
that holds us all together.

Amen and Amen. 


Sara said...

I love this Ebe... and can so relate!!!:) Praying for you as your mother those precious children!

Amy said...

parenthood truth. hard long messy beautiful days.