About Me

I always have a difficult time writing 'about me' descriptions. Hm.... let's see...

I am a mommy to three beautiful babies in Heaven. And our daughter, Hannah Mae, was born living into our arms in April of 2010. We are overjoyed by her sweet presence in our lives.
We are also blessed with another precious baby girl, Ruby, who we adopted in 2013.
And we are now pregnant with another son, our precious baby boy, Cooper who is due this Fall 2014.

I have been married to my wonderful husband for nine and a half years. We have been together for eleven years and have lived through so much. We continue to live every day with the hard reality of being separated from our children. Though we know we will be with them one day, it is still a daily struggle in which we cling to our precious Savior. Chris graduated from seminary in May 2013 and we are currently working in a new church plant.

And lastly, I am a whiny brat, redeemed sinner, neat freak, and a self proclaimed worry wart.

                                          This is me.  (hi!)                                                 This is my Papa: Chris.


This is sweet Hannah Mae.

This is precious Ruby. 

This is Owen, living in Heaven with Jesus.

And this is our Cooper, who is due to be born sometime this Fall of 2014.