Owen Christopher

Owen Christopher was such a happy little boy. I imagine he is now the perfect definition of a happy little boy, living fully with our Savior.

Owen died after 36 weeks of pure joy and worry...his death was unexpected and very sudden. Our doctors are unable to give us an exact cause, though we speculate that an issue with his cord caused his death. I do not understand, and will never wrap my head around how something that God created to be life giving and sustaining has been twisted by the fall into a cause of death. It is truly disgusting.

Owen could not be more loved than he is right now, sleeping soundly in the arms of our Savior.
As his mommy, I selfishly wish for him to come back, to come home to mommy and daddy. My thoughts are filled with day dreams about what he is doing now. I wonder what his cry sounds like, his laugh. I wonder what color eyes his are and if his hair would stay black or fall out completely and come in red like mine did. I think about how he is taking care of his younger siblings. What a wonderful big brother he must be!
I remember his hyper active movements in my tummy and laugh. He was always moving his feet, moving them like he had to somewhere to go. He hiccuped and wriggled and pushed out his tiny butt making my stomach into funny shapes. During every ultrasound we had, he hid his face. With his hands, his arms, his legs...anything he could use as a cover. He was such a funny little boy. I'm not sure why he didn't want us to see his face until he was born. I think he just liked playing with mommy and daddy, teasing us. I miss my little man. My heart aches to see him again, to feel the weight of his body in my arms...

One day, I will never have to let him go.
I ache for that day.